Believe and Beleive

I found a little gift from the universe this morning. It changed my day. I dropped my son off at school and as I was walking back to the car, I spotted a leaf on the ground that looked odd. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it had writing on it. In fact, the leaf had the word "Beleive" written on it in bold black pen (don't focus on the spelling, it isn't important here).


I want to stress that this leaf was on the ground, mixed in with other leaves. It was not on the sidewalk or placed onto a pile. Rather, it was amidst the rest of the leaves and appeared to have fallen naturally -- like its neighbor leaves. Odds are, I would have missed it if I hadn't been watching my step because I am so clumsy.

I stood there looking down at the little mystery leaf and was filled with wonder. How did this special leaf arrive in this spot, at this time, in my path? Who wrote it? Did they intend to leave it here? Was it a little kid from the school who dropped it inadvertently? Was it a parent who dislodged it from their pocket in the hurry of keys and school drop offs? Was it a magical tree fairy, complete with a permanent marker?

Or, perhaps most mysteriously and awe-inspiring, was it a do-gooder, a pay-it-forwarder, a random-actor-of-kindness who selected this leaf, wrote on it and placed it here for someone to find? Imagine the lovely thoughtfulness that would go into it if this was the explanation. On occasion, I have dropped a coin or two for a stranger to find. And certainly, when I see a penny upside down (showing tails), I flip it over so that the next finder can have good luck. A quick coin into an expiring parking meter. Holding the door open for the person behind me. All of these things I am happy to do to brighten a day. But this is a new level.

Honestly, I hope this is the case. I hope someone somewhere has a pile of leaves at home and a Sharpie. Just imagine how neat it would be if that special someone is gleefully writing words on leaves and scurrying all over town to drop them and brighten someone else's day. What other words might they include? Hope, Joy, Faith, Truth, Laughter, Pride, Excite, Honor, Giggle, Love. Just imagine. Or rather, Beleive.

It's Butch to pick up leaves, and sometimes you get rewarded for it! Be Butch.

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