Growing Older Is Not Aging

When we think of aging, we immediately go to the negative, dark side of our thoughts. This behavior has been imbedded in our brains. We see the media dismissing the elderly, as if there is little relevance or importance to our society. This causes a downward spiral for anyone fifty or older. We start to accumulate a wealth of fear and a constant preoccupation with aging. I'm here to tell you that this does not have to be.

Yes, we all have to age but we don't have to be old! Let's start by breaking down out thoughts about aging.

We don't feel as young as we used to.

This could be true if we don't take the initiative to use our bodies to their full potential. The older we get the more we need to push out limits. Our workouts need to be consistent. Our physical activity should incorporate an all encompassing package of emotional, physical and spiritual health. Do what feels good. Connect to our senses and our environment.

Is this all there is?

No! Only is that's all you want it to be. In fact, I believe that our opportunities are more abundant now than ever. Our time might be more readily available to us than before. We can pursue passions that we put off until we had the luxury to pamper ourselves. We can now start new, exciting careers that were only dreams a while back. Our artistic talents now have the freedom to blossom and if we're fortunate enough, could also turn into income.

Is romance dead?

For some it died decades ago. When it comes to romance and love there is no time limit. There is never an expiration date. The beauty of finding it now is that our knowledge of life is so much more substantial and our self worth is valued at its best. No time for games and no time to waste. Our window of opportunity shrinks by the day and our appreciation of another person rises. We only seek the positive and quickly eliminate the negative. Sex can be better than ever, which is a direct connection to our feelings of one self.

Gone are our hang ups, we've learned to love our bodies and to know that it's ok if we're not twenty anymore.

Staying current is crucial. Dress in style but don't lose your individuality. Keep up with technology and keep learning. Make new friends and cherish the old and constant. Embrace life with passion and allow wanderlust to be your guide. Growing older is not aging, it's just the benefit of living!