39 Influencers Sharing Their Target Audience Secret


I'm hardly getting enough traffic on my site.

I have an excellent product, but I'm unable to convert my prospects into buyers.

Visitors are not taking any interest in my services.

My competitors are diluting my online presence because they are engaging with my target audience in an efficient manner.

If you are facing one of these problems, I have a solution for you.

Every issue boils down to this fact:

You are unable to connect with your target audience

To solve this issue, I contacted influencers with a strong online presence.

Keeping in mind their busy schedule, I asked for their tweet-size strategy for this question:

How do you connect with your target audience?

In the end:

I have simplified the concept of target audience with my whiteboard animation video.

Here are the strategies of online influencers on how they connect with their target audience. I have compiled the listing in the order I have received the responses.

Understand them. Find their biggest struggle. Create an easy applicable solution that works. Over-deliver like crazy. Be awesome ~ Tor Refsland, Time Management Chef

Engage with the conversations they're already having instead of trying to start a new one. ~Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer

I am always willing to connect with my audience in whatever way they want to respond. It's important to be where your audience is, and not force them to be where you want them to be. ~ Ryan Hanley, RyanHanley.com

Focus on a very specific audience and solve their pain points on a consistent basis for an extended period of time ~ Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

We create content that's essential for marketer's jobs. In turn, they react by commenting and sharing and respond. ~ Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner

Share good shit ~ Guy Kawasaki, GuyKawasaki.com

Spend 3-4x as much time listening as you do talking. Make time for real conversations. Learn as much (or more) as you teach. ~ Sonia Simone, Rain Maker Digital

I aim to provide consistent encouragement, applicable insights and feedback in a personal & thoughtful manner ~ Brian Tracy, BrianTracy.com

Connect with your audience through stories they love and by simply answering their top questions along the buyer journey. ~ Michael Brenner, Marketing Insider Group

I like to segment my target audience into Twitter lists and engage with them there by answering questions and retweeting them. I use a process documented in this post. ~ Kristi Hines, KristiHines.com

Engaging blog readers to build a thriving community requires empathy, generosity, writing skills, personality and a touch of vulnerability. ~ Henneke Duistermaat, Enchanting Marketing

I use Facebook for making solid connections. I use FB very wisely & try to create a positive impact on my audience. It acts as dynamite for my business ~Jitendra Vaswani, Bloggers Ideas

I send them email newsletters filled with personal stories lined with actionable info that they can use to grow their business. ~ Brian Dean, Backlinko

Connect with your target audience by following the followers of your competitors on Twitter. It's pre-qualified! Some will follow back. ~ Jeff Bullas, JeffBullas.com

I create content my audience finds valuable, put it where they can find it, and then they connect with me. ~Josh Stemelie, JoshStemelie.com

You connect with your target audience by addressing their needs in a compelling way. Content, engagement or even with a solution. ~ JasonFalls, Go Elastic

I make myself accessible and available. Always surprises me to get a compliment on that.~ Ana Hoffman, Traffic Generation Cafe

I help people in need. Search for people in your space, look at their questions and respond to them. ~Neil Patel, NeilPatel.com

Guest Blogging and social media website are the best way to find your hungry audience and feed them with the right ingredients. ~Kulwant Nagi, Blogging Cage

Let data speak for your audience. Dissect your best content and publish new based on your lessons learned. ~ Nathan Ellering, Coschedule

I put myself out there as authentically as I can and trust that the right target audience will find me ~ Joel Comm, JoelComm.com

Publish content on your buyers' timetable, not yours. It's all about real-time. ~David Meerman Scott, DavidMeermanScott.com

I publish interviews with their heroes on Mixergy and encourage them to connect with me. ~Andrew Warner, Mixergy

Start with what people need and deliver it through great product, communication & content. Always provide value and solve problems. ~ Simon Grabowski, Getresponse

One person at a time. ~Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

Thoughtfully and transparently, wherever they are. ~Joanna Wiebe, Copy Hackers

I connect through my email list. There's about 42,000 people on it....so whenever I have something awesome to share, I go straight to the email list. It still gets far more engagement than my Facebook and Twitter posts. ~Neville Medhora, Kopywriting Course

By being interested in what they are interested in -- and treating them as adults. ~Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated

Make it about them and they'll make it about you. ~ Jeff Goins, Goins Writer

I create content very focused on my niche and this attracts my ideal audience and then encourage them to join my community ~ Ian Cleary, Razor Social

Books, blog, email newsletters, videos, podcast, social media, downloadable resource materials.~ Gretchen Rubin, GretchenRubin.com

Old marketing was dictation... new marketing is communication. Change from Convince and Convert to Converse and Convert! ~Ted Rubin, TedRubin.com

Recognize that their time and attention is a gift. Respect that by delivering only the most useful and relevant content. ~Shama Hyder, ShamaHyder.com

I connect using the three E's: engage, educate and entertain. There are so many ways: thru text, images, audio video and live. ~Brian Massey, Conversion Sciences

For me, guest posting and being interviewed on podcasts has proven to be a lucrative way to get in front of my audience on a regular basis. It must be working, because people talk about "seeing me everywhere! ~Gina Horkey, Horkey Handbook

I tend to be a trainer so I use as many real world examples & case studies as possible with steps on how to apply to their biz. ~ Arnie Kuenn, Vertical Measures

Meet your audience where they're at -- add meaningful value, celebrate "likes", make a memory. ~Angie Schottmuller, Interactive Artisan

By constant listening and engaging, I try and understand what my target audience is interested in. That helps me create content that connects with them. ~ Prateek Shah, Digital Defynd

You can start by figuring out who they are. Three free tools to help you understand your online audience. ~Larry Kim, Word Stream

As promised, I'm going to leave you with my whiteboard animation video in which I have simplified the concept of target audience by explaining:

  • Relevance of Size

  • Daughter Mother Conversation
  • Andrea's Pet Business
  • Thanks to all the contributors who took out time from their busy schedule to share their strategies in connecting with their target audience.