Let's Pay Back Our Language Debt to Greece and Help Its Children At the Same Time

In the wake of the financial crisis, education spending in Greece has been reduced by 45%. 1000 schools have been closed down, teachers are forced out of work, and children pushed into overcrowded classrooms.

As many of the most commonly used words in English and other European languages are of Greek origin, shouldn't we find a way to pay them back?

The launch of Word Debt allows us to do just that. The platform is linked to Facebook and Twitter and will tell you how many words from your social media posts are of Greek origin. You then have the option to donate 0.10€ per word, which goes directly to "The Smile of the Child" (in partnership with HealRWorld), the largest Greek Non-Governmental Organization committed to improving the welfare of children.

The concept, developed by WPP agency Geometry Global, has resonated with Greek people around the world including Academy Award nominated writer/actor Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2) "What an inventive and educational way to help Greece's most vulnerable and in need -- the children. Since my dad and countless Greeks will tell you of the multitudes of words of Greek origin, I am looking forward to the many funds which will be donated to help Greece."
For more details on the platform visit the website: https://worddebt.org/