5 Unique Gift Ideas For Kids

It makes sense to invest in unique gifts that can keep kids curious and engaged for weeks.
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It's vacation time! It's the time that kids and parents most look forward to bond over new travel adventures or just over a pile of old books. But, it could also be a very frustrating time for both as kids complain of getting "bored" without the usual tightly structured activity. And since science points to evidence that children should have fewer toys (and it helps keep the house clutter-free!), it makes sense to invest in toys that can keep them curious and engaged for weeks.

If you are wondering what you can gift to your niece or your friend's son (without rubbing the parents on the wrong side), here are five unique gifting ideas that can keep the kids squealing with joy (from time to time) and the parents grinning with pleasure too.

Gift Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are like magic. They arrive every month, power-packed with surprises.
There are subscription boxes for toys, activities, clothes and even food. Some of the even allow you only to rent the toys and pass them back. Here is a list of 10 great subscription ideas that can keep both parents and kids euphoric.

Gift A Library Membership

They say books are a person's best friends. Why not gift the wonder of books to the little one by gifting a library membership card at the neighbourhood library? Plus, it is the best way to instil the love of reading without being burdensome. And, no clutter!

Gift a Class Enrollment

Almost every child displays an affinity towards a few unique subjects -- dance, music, painting, astronomy, robotics. Summer could be an excellent opportunity to further their interest by gifting them an enrollment into their favorite class, including several options for online classes.

Gift a Trip

Summers are the time to let the kids explore and expand their worlds in meaningful ways. Gifting a trip to the nearby museum or even Disneyland can etch an unforgettable memory in their minds.

Gift DIY Kits

There are plenty of products that help turn everyday objects into something remarkable. For example, this Makey Makey kit uses bananas to make music! DIY kits that comes packed with ideas for varied activities and products with essential elements are a great gifting idea too. For example, this Science Whiz kit comes with 40 hands-on activities for kids to explore the concept of electricity.

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