Movie Review: Jason Bourne... Born Again!

What's not to love about Jason Bourne. And Matt Damon and of course Robert Ludlum who created the beloved Jason Bourne. Here we have Bourne again on the run and two magnificent chases dominate this plot.

Several years after Bourne's disappearance in The Bourne Ultimatum, he is discovered hiding out in Greece. A new program, Ironhand, now hunts him down. Its sole purpose is to murder Bourne who is still trying to find answers to his past and family.

This is not a new plot twist to the franchise, but it still is enjoyable and over the top entertainment. Watching Jason Bourne run is much of the plot and he is so charismatic. Meanwhile the entire cast is laud worthy and I assure you that you will look forward to the next installment. Paul Greengrass directed this thundering sequel and wrote it with Christopher Rouse.

Telling too much of the plot will spoil the suspense, but Tommy Lee Jones is a sinister addition to the cast while Alicia Vikander is terrific as not only her beauty is to behold, but she has a look in those gorgeous treacherous eyes that signals watch out "I'm not just another cookie to crumble". Her flawless complexion juxtaposed against a craggy Tommy Lee Jones is like an ad for face cream. These two work well together as they plot Bourne's demise. And Jones is so funny at his most evil moments as his timing is impeccable. The soundtrack is its usual fabulous self that keeps the pace fast and beyond furious.

Riz Ahmed is a talented new addition to the cast as a computer wiz and tech specialist at the CIA who is terrorized by Tommy Lee Jones. Ahmed is currently starring in HBO's The Night Of. He is an English actor and rapper and a delight to watch. There is purity to his acting that is magnetic.

Jason Bourne begins in Greece but these shots were actually filmed in the Canary Islands and goes on to Las Vegas with Bourne in a 'post Snowden' world. Vincent Cassel is the assassin after Bourne and is ferocious in his attempts to murder him. See this film if you are a Bourne enthusiast.

But to be brutally honest I do not think this Jason Bourne lives up to the prior films. The pace is f nonstop frenzy without many, moments to reflect. One feels a bit manipulated, chewed up and thrown out by the too fast pace. This exhausts and disguises a groping for plot. The new cast of Cassel and Jones and Vikander and Ahmed work so well together that for a moment I felt this film was up to the quality of the prior films and might surpass, but sadly it does not. The acting is, the pacing is not. The editing is not. The story line is not. But I would surely like to see a Jason Bourne film over any of that animated dreck coming out of the studios, any time. No matter its faults.

Yet to see Matt Damon as Jason Bourne is a joy onto its own. On the Kelly Show he said, "Ever since I got famous, I got credit for everything.:" Then added, "But it is because of you, guys." His fans At 45 he has done 57 films, has four daughter and eats chicken and protein to lose weight, but added, "That's just to prepare for a film. I love to eat. The film crashed 170 cars and in the finale in Vegas he said due to the location and traffic, "We had to go for it."

So go for it. See Jason Bourne if only to see Matt Damon born again!