Shame on You, Press TV

Does anyone at Press TV not feel shame at having been complicit in this show confession by a woman who is already serving a prison sentence for complicity in the murder of her husband? Does no journalist at Press TV question or get to question the journalistic ethics of taking a person condemned to death and inviting them to incriminate themselves in a crime for which they have already been convicted? And several other questions from the perspective of a lawyer. How come Mrs. Ashianti is in prison for being an accomplice to murder and awaiting sencence of death by stoning when the person who carried out the murder and with whom she is alleged to have committed adultery is filmed walking free? Why is her son in prison? Why is her present lawyer in prison? Who was cruel enough to suggest that her son would play the role of his deceased father in the mock show re-enactment. No journalist with any shred of journalistic ethics could participate in such a charade. Shame on you Press TV.