Heart-Healthy Organizations Can Help Foodies During the Holidays

Healthy alternatives exist for your palate -- and, Harboring Hearts, and many heart-healthy organizations exist to help you in that transition.
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One of the most difficult times of the years for everyone -- when it comes to our diets -- is also perhaps one of the happiest times of year: the holidays. Somewhere in the mix, we each must decide when, how much, and if at all we are going to reach for that caramel-covered treat, chocolate-dipped delight, or calorie-filled fritter.

This is an especially important consideration for those people who suffer from cardiac disease or other diseases that can cause the onset of cardiac disease, like diabetes or high blood pressure. For this reason, we here at Harboring Hearts Housing thought it was important to remind everyone that the joys of cooking can also be heart-healthy and full of deliciousness.

Over the years, I have known Sophia Brittan. She is a New York based healthy-cooking advocate, holistic health counselor, and a young woman who has dedicated much of her time to developing an approach to food that highlights different ways, that many of us never knew existed, to eat right and enjoy the experience -- one that can include sweets and desserts.

For the holidays, Harboring Hearts reached out to Sophia and her online cooking show, Kitchen Caravan. She has created a special heart-healthy holiday recipe in support of Harboring Hearts mission to bring awareness to cardiac disease, and to feel good about the alternatives that exist for a happy, healthy heart diet. This year, she suggests an absolutely delicious white chocolate tartlettes.

It can be an incredibly stressful responsibility to change one's ways, especially when it comes to food. So much of our heritage, cultural connections, memories, and comforts come from the foods we have grown to love. Sometimes, though, those foods can be our demise; eliminating them, emotionally painful. However, when it comes to sure-fire ways to be proactive about prevention of cardiac disease, diet should be one of the first places we look.

If you find that you are prone to heart disease, make the changes. Modify your lifestyle, but always remember that amazing, healthy alternatives exist for your palate -- and Kitchen Caravan, Harboring Hearts, and many heart-healthy organizations exist to help you in that transition.