Coffee Klatch: The Best Coffee in New York's West Village

As the old saying goes, New York is the city that never sleeps. In the West Village at least, this perpetual insomnia probably has something to do with the neighborhood's coffee shops. With an astounding breadth and depth of choices, New Yorkers need only look to the West Village for a quality caffeine fix.

Each coffee shop in the neighborhood has its own personality and clientele. Some of the shops are populated with students and freelancers whose faces are buried in their laptops. Other cafes are far more social, with the caffeinated drinks serving to fuel lively conversation among the city's bright young things.

No matter whether you prefer a latte or some green tea, the West Village is the forefront of New York's coffee renaissance. It's not just about Starbucks anymore.

Top 10 Spots for Coffee in NYC's West Village