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Official: William and Catherine California Bound!

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There's Bragelina, TomKat and Posh and Becks. Now, the world's newest glamour couple, William and Catherine, may be heading for Hollywood -- will they be dubbed "WillCat" by the entertainment press? Though the itinerary won't be released until later, Clarence House officially confirmed on May 5 that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit California from July 8 to 10, following their nine-day tour of Canada.

This will be William and Catherine's first official US visit, and also the first non-Commonwealth nation they will see as a couple. Of course, William has made private trips to America such as visiting a friend in Nashville in 2004, and going white-water rafting in Colorado with Diana when he and Harry were boys. Many are hoping that the Duke and Duchess will visit Los Angeles where they will surely be feted as the ultimate reigning couple, if the enthusiastic US media coverage of their wedding is anything to go by. After all, as I've said before, the royals are the ultimate celebrities.

The Morton Report trumped on their front page that Andrew Morton had beaten the world (or at least the official palace confirmation) by three days with his May 2nd exclusive that the royal couple was heading to Hollywood. Well done, Andrew! Earlier this year, I had similarly outscooped everyone, this time by three months, with my exclusive report that Catherine had secretly been learning Welsh -- something that no one else in the press found out about until their first public engagement in Anglesey and she started singing the Welsh national anthem!