A Round-the-clock Reading of Gertrude Stein's 'The Making of Americans'

Recently Triple Canopy, Light Industry and the Public School re-opened their doors in North Brooklyn at 155 Freeman, ending a hiatus in the programs of these three organizations, whose collective movements constitute a fusion of topical cultural events and in-depth scholarly pleasures unique in the city.

In celebration of the occasion, Triple Canopy hosted a decidedly lo-fi event, a round-the-clock reading of Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans. The slow unfolding of this Proustian American family saga over the frigid weekend seemed a perfect choice, weeks after the dawning of the new year and short months away from the elections, in its highlighting of narratives of individuality and the complexities of family relationships. Over an entire weekend, a list of artists, writers and scholars, including Amy Sillman, David Velasco and Mierle Ukeles, among many others, read in half-hour increments as fans trickled in and out, following along with copies of the novel laying about in the space.

Hear what deputy editor Sam Frank has to say here: