The Power of the English Speaking Hispanic Super-Consumer Has Arrived

This moment has been building for years and it has finally arrived. With the recent news that Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is in talks with The Walt Disney Company to combine news division resources and start an English-language cable news channel is a defining moment. This would represent the first channel specifically for English-speaking Hispanics in the U.S. - and one expected to compete with the likes of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. This development acknowledges the growing influence of the Hispanic audience and it's time for the rest of America to carefully pay attention.

Hispanics in America have a growing voice that has been met with tremendous resistance by key corporate players. But as the Hispanic consumer purchasing power numbers shift in favor of new marketplace opportunities - an awakening is taking place. For too many years, America's corporations have felt that the Hispanic voice represented "commoditized noise" rather than value-added substance. Corporations just assumed that we (Hispanics) would continue to assimilate to the American way. But as the foundational values of the more traditional "American Way" have quickly dissipated to greed and distrust, there has been a growing demand from the Hispanic community to resurface their cultural values and their diverse authentic voices. Hispanics recognize that they are a unique community, fueled with optimism but haunted by skepticism.

Just think of the opportunities that would be created for US economic development and Hispanic community advancement if only 20% of the skepticism was eliminated?

The real Hispanic voices that currently exist, reside within local communities - where Hispanics (for the most part) trust more about what the local news has to report, rather than what the national news is saying about Hispanics in America. Believe me, Hispanics are hungry to change their story and want to contribute to America in ways that promote the natural characteristics that are embedded in their cultural values (download free eBook here: The Six Reasons Hispanic Leadership Will Save America's Corporations). Hispanics want to associate themselves with media platforms that authentically resonate with their voices and that will give them the opportunity to work much closer with the rest of America. Remember, Hispanics naturally collaborate when the skepticism is eliminated and optimism prevails.

In particular, this has been proven to be true with young Latinos that are eager to share their dreams, goals and aspirations; with the hope of changing the story by bringing a new social conscious and entrepreneurial attitude that authentically represents the Hispanic community. They are tired of the victimization voice (from the old guard of Latinos) and thus want to establish a new platform that the rest of America will associate with innovation, forward-thinking and new types of opportunities. Young Hispanics have powerful fresh perspectives and an attitude to shift the mindset and thinking of how Hispanics should be viewed as a community of people and consumers.

Many may view the Univision/Disney news a form of separatism. But much to the chagrin of those corporations that didn't accept the inevitable, the changing face of America is real and it can no longer be ignored. The changing face is rapidly becoming a platform for economic growth and new marketplace opportunities (download free whitepaper: The Immigrant Perspective on Business Leadership). I realize that Univision is challenged to attract the younger Hispanic demographic to their traditional Spanish language format, but this potential alliance with Disney can be a game changer that will awaken all media groups to do the same.

It's time for America's corporations to all recognize and become a part of the foundational restructuring and requirements that awaits American enterprise by 2050 and its population paradigm shift that estimates that 30% of America will be Hispanic and 54% all minority groups combined.

If you had a legitimate platform that provided a safe environment to express your point of view, what would you do? I am sure that Univision and Disney have carefully identified these opportunities. It is with great optimism and hope that our vibrant Hispanic community and America's corporations will be prepared for this defining moment in American history.