10 Amazing Contemporary Comic Book Covers (PHOTOS)

On June 5, 2012 Brian Cronin posted a slideshow of what he considered the "10 Most Iconic Comic Book Covers of All Time." I took umbrage with that description, mostly the "of all time" portion. More than anything though, when I saw the post on Twitter, my hackles raised at the reference to a TV show that hasn't been on in almost 50 years. It seemed all very out of touch with the contemporary comic book world, a place that is filled with amazing art and talent. I kind of went out of my way to tweet about how there were amazing covers to contemporary comic books, and sort of stumbled into making this list.

Eye-catching covers don't always translate into amazing interiors, or guarantee satisfying stories, but I tried to select covers that would pull you into books with stories that won't disappoint. Here are some amazing covers to comic books that are out there and readily available.

10 Amazing Contemporary Comic Book Covers