Picture Perfect : Anthony Tilghman (PHOTOS)

Who we are, how are we feeling, what are we doing, where are we going -- photography can reflect all of this, and much more. This is precisely why visual social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and the Fancy are so popular. Because they they tell stories, and give us a glimpse of our lives, and of the world at large. Great photography is a powerful connector, a beautiful reminder, and an unstoppable, creative force.

In this debut Picture Perfect post, we take a look at Anthony Tilghman, a Washington, D.C., photographer who has become a regular on the red carpet at the Grammys and Academy Award ceremonies, and has awesome images from the recent presidential inauguration, among other high-profile events. We asked him to finish four phrases with his own thoughts, and then give us 10 of his favorite photos. We hope you enjoy!

Photographer Anthony Tilghman.
Photo Courtesy of Anthony Tilghman

I love photography because... it allows me to express myself through my lens, and have my vision come to life. There are so many reasons why folks are drawn to photography. My reason is because there is nothing like providing a great snapshot of an amazing experience.

Capturing a great picture requires... passion, talent and creativity. Anyone can take a photo, but only a few can really capture an image that speaks to you on many levels.

In five words, I would say my life is... Simply amazing, and getting better.

The future of photography...is bright. I think that social media has taken it to a whole new level, making a lot of things easier, and more accessible. But you can still see the skills and techniques of the professional photographers. No one can ever take that away. I have learned that in business, its all about results. No matter how many photographers come and go, the ones that have adapted and also show passion will go further.

For more information on Anthony Tilghman and his upcoming projects, check out his website and circle him on GooglePlus.