An Enlightening Business Opportunity


Did you know just how many people around the world live in the dark, with no access to the electric power grid? How about that another 1 billion people suffer from power cuts that last up to 18-hours per day in countries like Nepal?

Without access to modern power, the cost of energy is higher than anyone should bear. Fuels such as kerosene cost families up to 30% of their income, just for a few measly hours of dim, smoky light, and indoor air pollution that is responsible for more deaths each year than malaria. In Nepal, exposure to kerosene increases women's likelihood of tuberculosis by nine-fold.

There are a lot of innovators who have seen the solar-light at the end of the energy poverty tunnel, and are working hard to reach it. Providing billions of people with the clean technology products that will turn energy from a life-threatening struggle into a life changing opportunity is one of the biggest and most enlightened business opportunities of our time.

That is exactly what Dutch entrepreneurs Camille van Gestel and Maurits Groen thought. They've developed the WakaWaka: A handsome, well-designed and quality product that is still affordable for people living at the 'Bottom of the Pyramid'.

"Because of the advancement in quality and efficiency of both solar panels and LED lights, we have been able to design and produce a top quality product that is affordable for people that have abundant sunlight but a small income." Says Maurits Groen, co-founder. "Thanks to WakaWaka, people will be able to save many, many times the amount they now spend on dirty, dangerous kerosene and bad batteries. Instead, they will have very good light from the sun for free."

After charging in the sun, WakaWakas provide 16 solid hours of very bright reading light, every day. WakaWaka Power can also charge your tablet or smartphone, or anything else that is USB-chargeable!

WakaWaka's are shining brightly in the homes of people living in over 80 different countries already and Empower Generation is excited to begin the process of introducing them in Nepal.