Mother's Day Gifting From a Mom

You can always just call and order flowers on Friday or send a box of chocolates, but even with a couple days left you can give your mother something extraordinary. This is coming to you for moms from a mom.
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The countdown has begun, Mother's Day is just a couple days away -- do you have the perfect gift yet? You can just call and order flowers on Friday or send a box of chocolates, but keep reading and you will see that even with just a couple days left you can give your mother something extraordinary. This is coming to you for moms from a mom.

There are many types of moms, mothers, mommies, nanas, grannies and great grandmothers out there, and there are a perfect gifts for each and every one. The most important aspect of gift giving is to give something that is well thought out and personalized to the individual. Sometimes the right gift is something simple and sweet that brings a tear to the eye and sometimes its best to go big and do something that really makes a "shiny" impact.

The First Time Mom -- Is it her first mothers day? Nothing will make her happier than something from you that she can keep with her every single day. She'll love to open a box with new locket or charm inside. What girl doesn't love jewelry? Moms love showing off their kids and being able to do it in style is the perfect fit. There are so many styles out there, including lockets and charms with pictures on them and circles of love that have dates and phrases inscribed. Check out or the ever-popular Helen Ficalora. You can personalize a charm or purchase one of the beautiful charms already in stock.

The Artsy Mom - Does your mom like to visit museums, read art books and talk about the latest exhibits that are coming to town? Perfect. Go to her favorite museum and purchase an annual membership for her. She can go as often as she likes and will usually have access to new exhibits before the general public. If you want to add a little more you can always purchase an art book to go along with the membership. Click here for a great selection of art books A thoughtful gift that will last 365 days.

The Techy Mom - What about for the ultra-hip ultra-modern tech savvy mom? Get her the new pogo plug ( This small very pink accessory connects her external drive to the Internet so she can easily share and access files from anywhere with no monthly fees. Now she has access to her files and media from any laptop, desktop computer, or even her iPhone. She can also share her password and allow the whole family access to all of her pictures and videos.

The Fit Mom - What about for the mom that loves to exercise? There is so much fashionable high tech workout gear out there. There is nothing better than exercising in style. It would be great to get the whole kit and caboodle from the tops to the bottoms. Lululemon always had the most up-to-date selection with various styles and colors, For a more urban feel, visit Soul Cycles' new athletic line You can also gift an app for the iPhone or for the iTouch featuring many "on-the-go workouts" so she can exercise wherever whenever.

The Mom with a Sweet Tooth -- What about making it personal? Go to and create her very own ice cream with a customized label. The key to every woman's heart, well most, is with something sweet. Make a sweet gesture with a sweet ending. The choices will be vast as they offer many delicious options. Ice cream is delivered within 7 -10 days and an ecard is mailed within 48 hours. If she doesn't like ice cream, what about cupcakes? Babycakes is an all-natural vegan bakery that ships nationwide. You can also give their popular cookbook that has many vegan recipes including cupcakes.

The Sentimental Mom -- If you like to write sentimental notes, this Mother's Day you can do it in front of millions of people. Take out an ad in the local Sunday paper or the billboard that she drives by everyday. So this might be a little more than you expected to spend, but it's such a fun and exciting idea that I had to include it. If ads and billboards are too expensive, you can scale back and simply call your local radio station for a song dedication. Request a song, buy an ad... Say what you say, but say it big!

Remember Mother's Day is about sharing time, love, and appreciation with the person that has been there with you from the start. The best gift a mom can have is to spend the day with her children, but why not spoil her with some of the great gifts we discussed. Have a wonderful Mother's Day and check back at Father's Day when we return with the gadget, golf-focused, necktie gifts Dad's have learned to love.