The God Who Sings Creation

If I believe in the resurrection of the dead, it is not that hard to believe that God could make the universe in 144 hours.

If this same God chose to reveal himself to the universe he made by the poverty of a baby born in obscurity -- if God is that brilliant and humble -- I think I can trust that these three Who are One could also have spoken the known cosmos into existence about 14 billion years ago, as today's best science suspects.

Here is the deal: If the earth is 6,000 years old (however implausible) or 4-plus billion years old (as present knowledge suggests) changes nothing central to Christian faith, witness or action.

We confess belief in a personal God who made from nothing everything we can observe, study and create. This belief is not shared by some. What's new?

And this is where the rubber meets the road: not speculations about the age of the universe or this planet but the reality of a benevolent Creator. The interpretative key that unlocks all the mysteries of Creation and the answer to every existential question -- even when there is no answer but silence (remember Pilate?) -- is the baby who is somehow also God.

Hawking says the cosmos has a beginning. There was nothing and then, suddenly, there were vast realms of everything (beyond imagining). It was not there and then it was there. This is the same knowledge the opening of Genesis reveals along with glimpses of the One who framed the galaxies.

Paradigms come and go (Kuhn) -- macroevolution remains, after all, theoretical -- but the Christian is one who believes there is a God who makes himself known as a divine fellowship of wisdom and love that breathes the wordless worlds into existence and sustains Creation by his Word, the Word who was made flesh and born in Bethlehem.

If God were to stop speaking we would cease to exist but these three Who are One are speaking still and now their Creation is full of language, sings back the divine song it has learned, whether humans are paying much attention or not.

The Song that sang us into existence is a mystery of self-sacrificial Love on which rests the foundation of Earth as it hangs in space.

We were made to sing the Song back to God in all we say, pray and create: "Holy, Holy, Holy."