They Have Each Other and Just Need a Family

Good news! Kids find permanent home!

The last time I posted on this blog, about six months ago, I wrote about 3 siblings in foster care who were eligible for adoption. Well, they now Layla, Josh, and Samantha, have a forever family!

Many of the children that are profiled in the Children's Action Network videos, called Change a Child's Life, do get adopted, but we don't usually know what effort led the new parents to take action. This time they wanted us to know it was because they read this blog. We're hugely thrilled for these children and their new family, and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. I'm also very grateful to the Huffington Post for embracing and continuing to run this series.

As always, there is plenty more work to be done. This week I'm writing about Josh and Alize.

Josh is 14, Alize (pronounced a-li-zay) is 9. These kids are as sweet as they come. Josh is a strong, bright boy who likes math, science, basketball and all sports. He's a big Dodgers fan. Alize is pretty, petite, and soft-spoken. Her eyes twinkle with excitement. She great on the trampoline. Her best trick is a trampoline cartwheel.

Josh is her protector and she looks up to him. He likes looking out for her. In fact, Josh says that the only time his little sister is annoying is when he's playing basketball with his friends and she wants to play with them, but she's too small to make a shot. Alize laughs in agreement. It's clear that Alize will keep trying, and that Josh will keep letting her.

Josh wants to be a policeman someday. Alize wants to be a model. She would like to go to Paris and buy all pink things. Josh wants to go to Venice, because it's would be pretty cool to be in a city full of water and go everywhere by boat.

We asked Josh about the rosary he was wearing. He said it connects him with his grandmother because she used to take him to church all the time. He loved her very much. After she died, he bought himself the rosary and wears it always.

There's a powerful connection and love between these two siblings. All they need is a family to complete them.

This is an ongoing series profiling some of the 100,000 children living in foster care who are eligible for adoption. The videos are produced by the Children's Action Network. You can learn more about these and other kids at