Super Bowl 2015 Advertising Predictions

Yes, I know there's a "big game" on Super Bowl Sunday, there always is. Who shows, who wins, who loses...yes, that's all important.

But what really matters is the advertising! It's the official holiday of marketing, after all!

Now that we've narrowed down to the final teams and the hysteria is setting in, speculation is rising on the advertising too. At $4.5 million a pop, I'd expect it to!

The teasers are pouring in, hyping up the debate about who will win this part of the game. Here's one for the continuation of Bud Light's #UpForWhatEver campaign.

Who's in, who's out, who's up, who's down...yes it's critically important. Plus it's great sport to see what brands will preview their spots ahead of time to pump up their viewership.

First up for 2015 appears to be Lexus who released their spot on January 14th, two weeks prior to the game, making it the first brand of the season to do so.

Early reports say that there will be less car advertising than in years past, and many of the brands are only buying one spot as opposed to multiples like in years past. At $4.5 million a pop, I'd expect them to!

I know it's still too early to really judge what we will see, and I may certainly be wrong... but I thought it would be fun to throw out three predictions for 2015 Super Bowl advertising that I'm betting we'll see. I'd rather bet on this in Vegas than on who will actually win the game.

The Year of the Dad. Brands have finally walked away from representing the bumbly, fumbly dad in their marketing, and have finally embraced modern fathers as the active caregivers they are. Many of them are stay-at-home dads (#SAHD) and they're to be equally commended as their mom counterparts. Since half of the Super Bowl audience is male and many of the female viewers have active husbands, it's time to celebrate dad for who he is, on the biggest playing field of the year. While I don't know if Cheerios will run this specific ad, it's indicative of what I'm betting we will see. #HowToDad

Same-Sex is the Same Thing. While it's still a political hot bed in many states, I think we will see more same-sex couples as part of the advertising mix in this Super Bowl. The difference this year is that I don't think brands will make it a big deal. It won't be like prior attempts at "LOOK, WOW, we have a GAY person in our creative," but more just a natural reflection of what's happening in our culture...with an acknowledgement that same-sex couples are no different than any other couple. It won't be about being gay, it'll be about same-sex couples living their lives right along with the rest of the community. Perhaps even Honey Maid will release a sequel on their take of the wholesome American family.

Getting Along.
The world is a tough place, let's face it. The Super Bowl gives us a respite for a bit, uniting the country and the entire world around a common activity. I hope we see brands embrace that notion, and use their :30 seconds to motivate us all to embrace our differences and accept who we are, regardless of all that makes us so different and wonderfully unique. Last year's Coca-Cola spot may have hopefully set a trend for this year.

I will certainly be keeping an eye on the previews that come out and the teasers that tease to refine my predictions and spot the trends that we will see on-air at game time.

And I will of course be doing my annual Twitter Party during the game at #SuperBowlExp. We comment on the advertising in real time and it's always great fun to see people's reactions in the moment. Join me at #SuperBowlExp on the big day!