Princes & Crows Wallpaper, Murals and Decor by Alix Soubiran

Photo by Miles Najera

Even since the days of early human existence, mankind has shared an inexplicable need to decorate their humble abodes. From archaic cave drawings to complex hieroglyphs, beautifying the walls which surround us has become a part of human nature. Wallpaper is an extension of this need but has vastly evolved. Artist Alix Soubiran is the catalyst of this evolution taking her hand painted images and turning them into one-of-a-kind wall coverings. Born and raised in Paris, she studied fine art and graduated with a Master of Political Science in Lyon, France. Wanderlust lead her to Los Angeles in 2008 where she founded the micro company, Princes & Crows, which focuses on wallpaper and decor for high-end clientele. In addition to specializing in custom wallpapers, she offers custom paintings, rugs, textiles and murals. Alix also provides a one stop shop for interior designers and architects creating custom murals and wallpapers for their projects.

The Princes & Crows team consists of Alix and her second in command, Miles Najera. Studying and working in the field of graphic design for six years, Miles has developed a distinctive style that utilizes geometric lines and shapes, kaleidoscopic patterns and bold color palettes. Skilled in drawing as well as experienced in logo design and branding identity, his work is inspired by nature, music, vintage design and life experiences. Miles translates Alix's paintings into digital renderings then converts them into a flawless repeating pattern that can be printed to any size. His keen design intuition is apparent in his work as he creates pieces that are sleek and eye-catching. Miles fuses elements of classic design sensibilities with his own prismatic visions. Both sharing very similar inspirations, Alix and Miles approach their designs with an artistic eye that produces a natural elegance and whimsical narrative to their wallpaper art.

Miles and Alix / Photo by Alexander Bauer

Alix's designs encompass a broad spectrum of styles that range from antique, French-inspired decors, to innovative and contemporary patterns. She's not just covering walls, but dressing them, often inspiring a mood, giving them an identity, or even telling a story. Her wallpapers will breathe life into white walls, turn a square room into another dimension, and give a home a history. Her line of children's wallpapers are full of character, creatures, fascination, narrative and charm. Pouring her passion into these papers is what makes them truly unique. Any wall adorned by Alix's designs will forever emanate her love and energy. It is this element that makes her wallpapers so popular amongst high-end clientele. Dressing the walls of celebrity's homes and chic hotels in Paris, London, St. Tropez, Mustique Island, Italy and Beverly Hills, has made her an extremely valuable asset in the world of interior design. Her custom murals will turn even the most mundane surface into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Individuality is one of the most sought after commodities in the world and to Alix, originality is second nature. Those who desire more personality in their homes and spaces call upon Alix Soubiran to decorate them.

Princes & Crows' wallpapers are always produced on the highest quality paper and are printed to order for any sized surface. The paper itself is a tactile experience with a rich texture that feels sensual beneath your fingertips. All wallpapers, textiles and rugs are designed and made in Los Angeles. A select collection of Alix's wallpapers can be found at Zuber in Paris, a highly esteemed manufacturer of historic French wallpapers. Known for their elegant, panoramic wall coverings, Zuber has been a lifelong influence in much of Alix's design and decor. Since her move to Los Angeles, her concepts have evolved with the change of scenery. Using L.A. as her muse, the aesthetic of her 2015 collection is imaginative, contemporary and a reflection of her ever-broadening artistic horizons. This is also the first collection created by Miles and Alix together, marking a turning point for Princes & Crows. With a fresh set of eyes and ideas, Alix is able to expand her company, one Miles at a time. Finding inspiration in animals, the changing of seasons and the vivid colors and textures found in nature, her wallpapers will blanket any room with vibrancy and illumination. For those who seek an art that not only hangs on your walls but wraps them, evokes emotion, surrounds you, comforts you, excites you, tells you a story, sparks conversation, creates your history, and tickles your senses, will find it at Princes & Crows. Let the walls of your home beautify the walls of your mind.

A Bigger Splash in yellow / Photo by Corey Marsau

A Bigger Splash in grayscale / Photo by Miles Najera

Feathery in blue / Photo by Corey Marsau

Feathery in gray / Photo by Corey Marsau

Holiday in Waikiki in soft white / Photo by Miles Najera

Holiday in Waikiki in soft blue / Photo by Miles Najera

Rolling Stone in bluish / Photo by Miles Najera

Rolling Stone in sepia / Photo by Miles Najera

Install / Photo by Corey Marsau

Bermuda Triangle in taupe / Photo by Miles Najera

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