Tax Returns = Wedding Fun

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Happy Tax Day! Cheers to you and your fiancee! Time to party!

OK, maybe it isn't so glorious for everyone. If you're writing a big check to the IRS today, maybe you should sit this article out. This one is for the lucky brides who are receiving that fantabulous refund check.

Surely you won't be able to figure out how to spend that money all by yourselves. Please allow us to provide some inspiration on ways to put these funds to use for your wedding.

Splurge on the Dress

You saw it on your favorite bridal website. (That's East Carolina Bride, obviously!) You saw it on the mannequin in the store window. You even worked up the courage to try it on and managed to avoid spilling on it, clumsiness be darned. It's just too expensive.

This refund check is your sign. The IRS gods want you to have that dress for your wedding day. Do it. We're peer-pressuring you.


Are you the type to binge on purchases of glitter, balls of yarn, and scrapbook pieces of flair? Take this heavenly check, deposit it into the bank account of your nearest craft store, and go wedding DIY crazy.

Silk flowers for centerpieces? Into the cart. Worn picture frames for bridesmaids gifts? Onto the checkout counter. Chalkboards with 256 colors of chalk? Beep! (That was the cashier checking you out...)

Deposit on Your Favorite Vendor

If you're hesitating to hire the luxury wedding pro in the category that means most to you, this is your signal. Go for it.

Sure, the DJ who keeps you dancing all night isn't cheap. There's a reason he charges that much. He's worth it! The internationally published photographer is expensive. That could be you in those pictures! Floral arrangements larger than your friend who's 11 1/2 months pregnant. The reception will smell great and look even better!

Wedding pros can only do so many weddings on the same date. If you want them at your wedding, put down your deposit right now and lock them in.

Hire a Planner

You know what's fun for some brides? Planning a wedding. You know what's fun for other brides? Not planning a wedding.

If you're not one of those girls who've been dreaming of your wedding since age four, that's fine. That's why wedding planners exist. They do most of the dirty work while you show up and party. Give your refund check to somebody else and you can make your day that much easier and more fun.

Vegas, Baby!

It's time for the bachelorette party! Use that check to get you to and from Las Vegas with all the gambling and acrobatic shows you can imagine!

Alright, whoa there. Let's pump the brakes a second. Your tax refund check probably isn't large enough for all of that. Maybe it can get you there and allow for a few pulls of the slot machine lever... or whatever other moderately priced shenanigans you want to get into at your Vegas bachelorette party.

Which one of these suggestions are you going to take with your check?

(Note: This article was originally published on East Carolina Bride.)