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FINEPHILIA: Designer Adam Hunter

When I was introduced to Adam Hunter, a temporary layer of red grazed my face. The shade? Somewhere between crimson and scarlet. I hadn't blushed since high school and Adam broke that record.
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FINEPHILIA = F for fashion / IN for interiors / PHILIA for the love of both.


When I was introduced to Adam Hunter, a temporary layer of red grazed my face. The shade? Somewhere between crimson and scarlet. I hadn't blushed since high school and Adam broke that record. At first glance he is tall, with dark hair and well dressed. A crisp Vince button down with a pair of jeans and a classic timepiece completed his look the day we met. Nestled on a block with Marc Jacobs, Alfred Coffee, and Helmut Lang, his bright West Hollywood workspace was the perfect setting for our fluid conversation where his sense of humor, charm and authentic demeanor took center stage. From that point on I was a fan and loved learning about the designer's very successful past career on Broadway, his A- List clientele, rug collaboration with The Rug Company, and most of all a love of style and fashion.

What fashion designers influence your interiors and overall aesthetic?
Oscar de la Renta for his magnificent use of color. He was a master in his ability to use fresh, joyful textiles as well as brilliant metallics and neutrals. His pieces were architectural and graceful. In terms of newer designers, I am a fan of Christian Siriano. I love his fashion illustrations; they are so artful: they practically dance off the page. For overall aesthetic, there is only one: Tom Ford. His work is restrained, dramatic and sexy.

In what ways does fashion and interiors influence one another, what have you noticed over the years?
Interior design gets a lot of inspiration and influence from fashion in color and pattern. But in fashion, these trends can be too bold; overscale florals or busy ikat prints. In interior design, these motifs can trickle in but need to be used with delicacy. Fashion expands your eye and opens your mind, it is up to the designer to then interpret.

What is your personal style like?
My day to day is comfortable. I love Vince for its relaxed California aesthetic, and they use beautiful fabrics. For getting dressed up, you can't do better than a Tom Ford suit.

How do you accessorize a home?
I surround myself with things that have personal meaning or have a story to tell; gifts from friends, and family heirlooms. For me personal meaningful items trump everything else.

What is your version of living a fashionable life?
I consider myself fortunate to be doing what I love and to surround myself with things that are beautiful and well designed. But these things are only worthwhile when you can share them and enjoy them with others. So living fashionably extends to having great dinners with friends in a gorgeous space, or traveling with my family to relax and explore a new place.

Who is your style Icon?

How have you designed your own home vs a client's home?
For a client, it's about their needs and how they live. I must find ways to interpret their being into the physical space. For myself it's all about taking risks and I LOVE it. I can be a bit bold and creative. I actually am in the process of designing my own home which is a laboratory of sorts for ideas. The creative freedom is intoxicating. It's such a true expression of me as a designer at this moment and everything I love. I can't wait to move in.

Favorite stores in LA? Your go to's?
I love Ron Robinson and Fred Segal. It has such a fresh curated mix of things you don't find anyplace else in LA - amazing for gifts. I love to go to the store; hang out, have a coffee and roam around all the departments, it's a great overall experience. Also, Garde Shop on Beverly Boulevard is another spot for chic "Modern Natural" tabletop accessories and vintage one-offs.

How do you mix design and fashion when it comes to designing a home or product?
I am designing a line of products right now and through the process I'm realizing that these pieces need to resonate, they need to reflect me and not necessarily be about what's "fashionable." Also the more I listen to my instincts and what excites me, the stronger the collections get. That being said, I am definitely influenced by what is out in the world but I use it as a springboard rather than a blueprint.

What is a day like for you from when you wake up till you of to bed?
Busy. I start at my office and meet with my team to make sure we all have a game plan for the day. Then we have client meetings where we discuss elements for a project, site meetings where we visit job sites to check on the progress of everything, vendor meetings where we see what new showrooms are launching; fabric, tile, wood finishes, and sometimes visiting workrooms that are fabricating pieces for us; custom furniture, flooring, upholstery, etc.

Who was the first interior designer to influence you?
Holly Hunt. She lived down the street from me while I was growing up in Winnetka, IL, and my Mom and I would frequent her estate sales. Lots of schlepping tables into the trunk of the station wagon. However, I would say watching David Collins Studio work in London sealed the deal.

Who was the first fashion designer to influence you?
Bob Mackie. As a young gay boy that fabulosity blew my mind.

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