Stop the madness! Mr. Wonderful Jumps in to the Shark Tank Podcast

Spend an hour with Mr. Wonderful and TJ Hale (creator of as they discuss Kevin's massively successful new wine business, how Kevin thinks about potential deals as a shark on Shark Tank, what it's like behind the scenes as a Shark, the future of Shark Tank, and more.

Entrepreneurship Nuggets from Kevin O'Leary

1) You can't ever predict where you'll go, but you'll get somewhere good eventually if you're persistent 2) The 3 year rule -- if it's not profitable within 3 years, it needs to be abandoned 3)Unless you own the ice cream store, you're going to be stuck scraping the gum off the floor as an employee 4) The key to successful partnerships is shared mutual interest 5) If you're honest about accepting that there is no work/life balance when you start and that you're all in, Kevin says he'll back you until the cows come home

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