Los Angeles Girls Win National Soccer Championship

A southern California, under-13, girls soccer team recently became national champions at the National President's Cup in Overland Park, Kansas. Most definitely inspired by the U.S. women's soccer team becoming The World Cup champions, 20 young ladies, representing Santa Monica United Football Club (SMU), traveled from the Los Angles to Kansas determined to bring a national championship back to southern California. On July 12, 2015 they made club history by winning the national championship.

Head Coach Fabian Amezaga credited the team's hard work and teamwork, stating: "I can't say enough good things about this team. I think the biggest hurdle for them was believing in themselves and believing that they could get the job done. Our motto along the way was "Why not us?"..."

After five months of state and regional competitions, SMU, joined by forty teams from across the nation, descended on Kansas to compete for the coveted award. SMU competed in three games leading up to the national championship game. The final game, which saw SMU defeat North Carolina 1-0, thus clinching the national title, was live streamed and watched by many supporters.

Congratulations to SMU. A job well done!


Coaches: Fabian Amezega and Robert Bahedry; Players: Sidney Valasquez, Cara Conroy, Caroline Bremner, Kiara Bremner, Marilyn Hernandez, Charlie Kayem, Amanda Hobson, Jackie Musico, Colette Nassir, Jasmine Javaheri, Gabriela Holian, Tupelo Sullivan, Sadie Holt, Giulia Trevellin, Noor Nouali, Dakota Margolis, Riley Adams, Madeline Bisson, Sophia Stone