In a Blue Moon

Welcome to my first astrology blog on the Huff Post. I'm here to share the magic and meaning of the stars as they affect you.

Whether you believe astrology is a pseudo-science, just entertainment or wisdom, it has been guiding life for 5,000 years. I say guiding because the ancient Babylonians, and later the Greeks used the star filled Mediterranean sky to navigate and bring their ships safely home. Over time the ancients began to notice patterns on earth that corresponded to heavenly patterns and planetary movement. Eclipses were particularly significant. Imagine the effect of seeing the sun darken mid-day (solar eclipse) or the Moon's beams dimmed (lunar eclipse).This was surely a message.

I have spent much of my life interpreting the messages of the stars, planets and constellations for myself, for clients and now for kids in the form of a graphic novel (more on that later). The Sun and Moon represent the masculine and feminine energies of the universe. The constellations in which they are located at birth have a lot to say about a person's abilities, talents and challenges. Astrology is more than just the Sun position. For example, those born today have the Sun in Leo, but there are also signs for the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Following the stars can give us a different way of knowing. No belief necessary: Just observe as the ancients did.

So this brings us to the Blue Moon. What is it and how does it effect us? This occurs when there are two full moons in a single month. There was a full moon July 1 and there will be one on July 31. This calendar occurrence does not happen every year. There were blue moons in 2011 and 2014; the next series will be in 2017. When the lunar energies are so concentrated we can expect heightened emotions, agitation and dramatic actions. Police and hospital workers usually comment "must be a full Moon" when they notice more than usual traffic and intense behavior. It is true. The full Moon brings out all of our emotions. We howl. Ancient doctors avoided surgery at the full Moon because they observed an increased chance of hemorrhage. On the other hand, those wanting to start a family can use the power of the moon; others beware. It is a very good time to conceive.

The planets move in their own rhythms and we can use this knowledge to plot our course, plan journeys, moves, or any life activity. I can't guarantee that consulting an astrologer will insure complete safety and a good life but in a soul sense the images, knowledge and resonance of astrology can give a person a sense of their purpose and abilities in a very fast paced changing world.

I look forward to being your Star Guide. All questions and comments cheerfully answered.

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