How Terrifying Life Can Be

Watching "The Theory of Everything" the other night with my boyfriend made me realize how short life can be. Stephen Hawking--who developed motor neutron disease--had his whole life ahead of him, but it was shattered when his ability to walk and talk came to a halt. In a short time, he no longer could talk or walk at all and this made me think how precious life can be.

We go about our day focusing on what tasks we must get done, but never take the time to think of what others are struggling through. Have you ever taken the time to realize what your neighbors or co-workers are going through outside of work? Is life just one big picnic when good things continuously occur or is it a black hole where things get darker and darker? Stephen's life was supposed to be filled with happiness and joy, but instead his whole life turned upside down within the blink of an eye. That just makes me wonder if something like that could happen to me. I mustn't be naïve or stupid, but rather aware that nothing is perfect and life has several bumps in the road, but we shouldn't give up.

We often vent and get frustrated with how things are panning out and the only option we can think of is quitting. But, that's wrong because that's giving into what is happening instead of fighting through grief, pain and suffering.

Life can be absolutely frightening because we don't know our next move. We don't know what's ahead and that scares the living s**** out of most of us. Will you die tomorrow? Will you develop a disease in the next few years? We often question and ask ourselves over and over, "what's up next" instead of enjoying what's occurring this very second. I don't blame you for being curious because I sure as hell am! But, you might miss out on tons of good things when you focus on the "what if's."

So, enjoy the highs and focus on the good things life can bring you such as spending time with family and friends, a girl's night out, a date with your significant other or a phone call with your best friend. All of these things make us happy and just because life is overwhelming--at times--don't forget to love it too!