Dreams of the Dead: What Is David Bowie Saying to His Fans and to You, too?

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This is a stretch for some who only get their news from the mainstream. But there is a group of thought leaders who believe dead people communicate to us through dreams. In fact, according to psychic medium Amanda Linette Meder, dream visitations are the most common way deceased loved ones and spirit guides communicate with the "living." Here's Meder's blog on other ways she says the deceased communicate with us.

Back to Bowie fans. Some are seeing him, hearing him, and many are having dreams where he imparts a little inspiration and even wisdom. While his family and close friends are certainly dealing with their heartfelt loss, it's also been tough emotionally for fan since Bowie passed on January 10th, only two days after his 69th birthday and his release of his 25th album Blackstar.

I'm hooked up to Bowie's fans in a Facebook group. One fan says she was told by the Starman only recently, after his transition to be clear, to get back into movement and create a dance. In fact, Ravensong Phoenixfire, of San Francisco, said Bowie light heartedly counseled her, asking her to imagine doing the first third of the dance blindfolded, like Bowie was during his last video "Lazarus." (He always pushed the envelope, now he's encouraging others to do it, too!)

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In another communication, Phoenixfire said she heard Bowie's voice: "Evict anyone who is living rent-free in your head." Ever since I heard this story, I've been using this quote to clear my own mind.

Since his death, a boatload of fans are reporting they are hearing a comforting song just as the right time. One fan from Nashville suffers from anxiety. She mustered the courage to get in her car after avoiding the highways for six months. Deciding to pull over for a pit stop and a bite to eat, she heard "Heroes" play on the radio at the restaurant. The title of the song was enough to give her courage, but she also says she knew she was connecting with his vibe, if not his love.

So, what is going on here? Can we all talk to the dead? If so, how come nobody is telling us about it? I brought the question to one of my spiritual mentors, Peggy Black. Black channels her higher self, who she calls the 'team.' The 'team' is not physical. They are a higher vibrational energy. Peggy asked them to respond to my question, what the heck .. ?

Peggy Black and the 'team': "There is an awakening taking place within each and every person. Many are experiencing an activation of their paranormal abilities and gifts. One of these gifts is the expanded level of conscious in which they become receivers of energy vibrations and information, much like a radio receiver tuned in to a certain station or channel. When this occurs often the individual can hear or sense a connection with another presence who is in a non-physical state."

Geri: But why now? Why are so many experiencing this?

Peggy Black and the 'team': "This ability has always been a part of your reality, think of the masters, sages, saints, inventors and composers who spoke of being inspired by a source or a connection with an invisible world. We celebrate this awakening, as multidimensional beings you are truly meant to be in partnership with the non-physical beings of love and light."

The 'team' says everyone can do this -- connect with the energy that is not physical. It comes down to a matter of allowing, inviting and then trusting yourself to make the connection. The children, the 'team' says, are especially open to these abilities. As for many of us adults, our learned beliefs often shut the door to our God-given gifts.

So, in the end, what does it all mean? The visions, the dreams, the right song at the right time? I think it's a sort of comfort. Simply put; Spirit, and all in that higher dimensional existence, is reminding us that love never dies. And when we create, in whatever form, we are closer to our Source. I'm reminded about the scientific principal: energy never dies, it only changes form.

We know David is the king of ch-ch-changes, the rebel, rebel that he is! Excuse me for making light of it all, but isn't that what we are supposed to do? Be the light. Bring the light of heaven to earth. When we do that, we feel great comfort, even as we sorely miss our loved ones who leave their bodies, many times a bit too early for us to comprehend.

God's love onto you.

Peggy Black is a multi-dimensional channel, transducer, Sacred Sound Salutarist, and all around Great Gal. You can find more about her and morning messages at

Geri Hearne is an intuitive medium. You can find out more at