Movie Review .Ghostbusters... FanF******tastic!

Who woulda thunk that a remake of the 1986 beloved hit Ghostbusters recast with women would work? Kudos to director Paul Feig who keeps all the elements moving at a lively, harmonious and hilarious pace. When you think the plot has had it, a new twist zaps. This is not a ah Ha film, but one which slowly takes you in like car racing at a stock car rally and ending at the Grand Prix. Paul Feig shifts the action just in time before snores set in along with comparisons to the original. Ghostbusters critics get with it. This film is an accomplishment, a how to continue a franchise without the egg white on your face.

Chris Hemsworth (Kevin) makes it his film. He plays stupid brilliantly. A blank stare and serious intent in answer a phone correctly are filled with energy and deep thoughts of an imbecile. His character builds and his testosterone is needed in the haunting chick flick. Don't leave before the credits to see Hemsworth dance to that great soundtrack. "Who ya gonna call, Ghostbusters." The audience some dressed in their ghostbuster garb applauded, but it was paranormal enthusiast Kristen Wiig (Erin Gilbert), who was the finest comedienne, because she played her lines straight and never pushed. She never mugged for a laugh. Of course Melissa Mc Carthy (Abbey Yates) was spot on, but Wiig was so genuine in such a silly film that she takes the inflated cake. Kate Mc Kinnen (nuclear engineer Jillian Holzmann) occasionally forces her lines as being broad is part of her style, but sometimes her pushed over the top delivery sank like a torpedo. Mc Kinnon was topped by subway worker Leslie Jones (Patty Tolan) who was a refreshing addition to a top notch powerful cast of comediennes investigating the superrnatural invading New York City. Ghosts invade.

The audience cheered when Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver and Dan Ackroyd one of the many executive producers including Ivan Reitman who directed original Ghostbusters appear in minor roles along with Ozzy Osbourne in a walk on and Andy Garcia as Mayor Bradley. Paul Feig, Katy Dippold,Harold Ramis, Dan Akroyd, who both starred in original, and Ivan Reitman who directed original wrote this tour de force in the spirit of honoring a franchise.

The CGI effects are not mind-blowing yet adequate. One criticism is that when the plot was wobbling, Mc Carthy opens the door behind which a ghost is trapped and closes the door to have ghost invade her body. Her expression was reminiscent of Katherine Ross when she entered the Men's Club in Stepford Wives. This plot device to have ghosts invade humans came straight out of Stepford Wives, but what the hey, the film rolled on and I had a great time and suspect you will too, if you give Ghostbusters a chance and a BOO yah.