Before The Peace Broke By Richard Hill

This article originally appeared on Grryo

Like many Americans, both my mind and newsfeed have been filled with thoughts and images related to the events that occurred in Dallas this past Thursday. I was moved by photos I saw by Richard Hill the following day, many which were titled "...before the peace broke", because for the most part, what I had seen was only video footage of people running in terror. I asked Richard to answer a few questions and share his images here.

Why did you decide to attend the rally in Dallas?

I attended the rally because I think we're in the middle of a big moment right now. I'm not sure if it is as big as what was going on in the Civil Rights Era but I haven't seen anything like this in my adult years. Also, I wanted my son to be a part of something that means a great deal. It's one thing to sit around the dinner table and talk about race and prejudice but it's quite another to put feet to your words. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make that happen for both of us.

Tell me a bit about the atmosphere there when you arrived.

When we arrived I noticed very quickly that we were among a heterogeneous mix of America. Everybody was there: black folks and white folks and Asian folks, etc. I felt right at home. We never felt in danger even when the rhetoric got heated. People spoke their minds but no one that I could see felt offended. We all know that something is wrong. It's hard, especially for white folks like me, to really feel what is happening. I don't pretend to fathom what my black brothers and sisters are going through and have been going through. I just saw people that were hurting and I wanted to be close them. I would want the same thing if I were in their shoes.

What struck you most about the experience?

I realize that in many ways I'm outsider here. But I'm also a human being and a man and the differences that we may have are certainly eclipsed by what we have in common. Before the rally and march I thought it was optional for me to either be a part of this or stay home. After all, I have been going about my business for all these years and I have been just fine. Or so I thought. After the March was over and the shootings and particularly after I attended a black church the following Sunday, it has been easy to see how wrong I have been.



















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Interview conducted by Jeff Kelley.