Movie Review: Suicide Squad... Enough Already!

Yet again we have an over the top exercise in a cartoon film with a gosh and golly plot. While Suicide Squad, written and directed by David Ayer, begins big with terrific costumes, make up and CGI effects, it does not sustain the pace and goes well over the point of interest in going to the lobby for popcorn. The plot is predictable, but initially you think this is all new. Wow, but then the drumbeat to 'ho hum ness' begins. It is too long and too action packed for you to care.

A group of super villains are promised clemency if they agree to join forces with a secret government organization named ARGUS to save the world.

The cast is great. Costumes great. Story a bore. A $250 million dollar bore. When are studios going to put the money that they put into cartoon heroes or animation into real quality narrative. Special effects are supposed to make up for a shabby story line.

The dialogue is clever and filled with funnies, and the acting is top notch but please, cut it out with this comic book hero worship! The studios are churning franchise development. Demographics are running our movie industry. The younger the audience, the more there are of you to buy tickets. Oh please! We need stories. A narrative that invites us to care. Not yawn or go to the lavatory which I did in the middle of this film.

Will Smith as Dead Shot is convincing as a good bad guy and got applause during the film after his one big scene. Margot Robbie is drop dead gorgeous and every bit the actress that her good looks might deny her of being. Robbie plays Harley Quinn. Jai Courtney as Boomerang is riveting. Karen Fukuhara as Katana uses a sword better than Isis. Jay Hernandez as Diablo flashes his talents with fire in all the right places. Jaime FitzSimons as the straight soldier amidst the convicts is a good contrast to the over the top special effects, make up and costumes. Cara Delevingne as June Moore aka The Witch is fascinating in her change from an adorable normal soul to a monstrous witch. Joel Kinnaman and Scott Eastwood provide handsome human soldiers. Common plays a monster and has some of the best laughs. Viola Davis who is not costumed in any "bizarreness" takes an early lead as the most evil in a pack of degenerates while Jared Leto as the Joker lights up the screen with his love for Harley Quinn. But one tires of the exaggeration of the cast, effects, of Suicide Squad. Stay to beyond the credits to see a bit of Ben Affleck who indicates where the sequel in this franchise is headed, if you care. Me, I was just happy to return to CNN.