7-Day Positive People Army Grateful Challenge

7-Day Positive People Army Grateful Challenge
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We all crave happiness in our life every day. But are you doing everything to make it happen?

The hardest part is most people just don't know where to begin. I suggest taking baby steps in the right direction by being more grateful.

Therefore I'm challenging all readers to take the 7 Day Positive People Army Grateful Challenge to begin their journey to happiness and leading a more grateful life.

How to start:

Each day make it a priority to make one small grateful acknowledgment for 7 days. This one simple act will truly have a significant impact on your life and the one's around you.

Let's be thankful together and watch the ripple effect of positivity and gratefulness shine through.

How to participate:

You can begin your challenge whenever you are ready! You pick the 7 days.

To join the challenge post each day to your favourite social media (Instagram , Facebook or Twitter) using the hashtags #positivepeoplearmy and #PPA7DayGrateful Challenge. Also tag friends and family to support you and make you accountable.

DAY 1 - Take a photo of a simple thing you are grateful for. Post it to your social media with a caption describing why you are so grateful to have it. This could be an amazing cup of coffee you are enjoying, your favourite blanket you like to snuggle with or a special place in your yard that you love to sit in. It doesn't matter what it is, along as you remind yourself how grateful you are to have it in your life.

Day 2 - Think back to one experience that you are incredibly grateful for. This could be a childhood memory, an event, or meeting someone who has made a big difference in your life. Post a photo of the experience, the person or a photo of something that represents how it made you feel (be creative). Then describe what it was, what it meant to you and why you are grateful for it.

Day 3 - Give a genuine compliment to a co-worker, a friend or if you are brave enough a stranger you meet on the street. Then take a photo of them or a selfie together and post it. Your caption should describe your compliment, their reaction and how grateful you are for the experience and how it made you feel.

Day 4 - Recognize a challenge or problem you are struggling with and take a moment to look within and ask yourself what you are learning from it. Take a photo or find a photo that represents your problem (be creative) and post it to your social media explaining your challenge and what you are grateful to have learned. For example - dealing with a difficult co-worker has made you grateful that you have learned how to be patient or more understanding or even made you realize you want to pursue another dream. It doesn't matter what the issue is, just try and dig deep to be grateful for what you are learning from the situation.

Day 6 - Write a thank you note to someone you are grateful to have in your life. Post it on your social media and tag this person. Write exactly why you are grateful to have them in your life and what they mean to you. You will be pleasantly surprised the impact this will have on both your lives.

Day 7 - Take a selfie photo of yourself and post it to your favourite social media with why you are grateful to be you. Write out all the things that are amazing about you and what you really love about yourself.

***** Don't forget to hashtag #positivepeoplearmy and #PPA7DayGratefulChallenge and tag your friends and family after each challenge.

By the end of this challenge you will not only feel more grateful and happy, you will have created new positive habits.

You will be grateful for the little things, the memories you have created and the important people in your life. You will also be able to recognize the things you learn from a challenge and the good qualities in others. But most of all you will learn to be grateful for you.

Once you have completed the challenge it doesn't have to be over. Keep the grateful experience going. You can either start again at the beginning with new things you want to recognize or make up your own new challenges for the rest of the days going forward.


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