'High School Musical' Life Lessons

While we're jamming out to our favorite songs and quoting the lines from our favorite characters many of us forget about the life lessons that infuse the films. The best place to look for them? The spectacular soundtrack, of course.
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It's common knowledge that High School Musical is one of the best film franchises Disney has ever created. However, while we're jamming out to our favorite songs and quoting the lines from our favorite characters many of us forget about the life lessons that infuse the films. The best place to look for them? The spectacular soundtrack, of course.

"You guys might thank me for this someday." Do you think they ever thanked that karaoke guy? Did they?

1) The Start of Something New: Troy and Gabriella weren't exactly ecstatic to jump up on that stage and sing a duet together, right? But by the time the song was over, they were enjoying themselves and didn't want to stop.

Sometimes we're faced with issues that we don't want to face, work that we don't want to do, or even awesome opportunities that we're scared to take part in. If you jump in, you might find that you get it over with quickly. Who knows? You might enjoy yourself. Troy and Gabriella sure did.

"What is it? A saw?"
"No dude, it's like a giant violin!"

2) Stick to the Status Quo: At East High, everyone fits into a specific clique -- or at least, that's what they want everyone to think. Once Troy the basketball player auditions for the school musical, everyone discovers that jocks can love to bake and nerds can love dancing. The moral of this song?

In real life, people aren't so cut and dry. No one fits into specific cookie cutter shapes. Don't be ashamed of something that you love. So what if you're the star of the volleyball team? That doesn't mean you can't be the star of the spring musical. Take your passion and run with it.

"Yeah guys, let's launch into a musical number about my lack of focus when we're all supposed to be practicing!"

3) Get'cha Head in The Game: Even though I totally support Troy in all of his endeavors (including being the captain of the basketball team and one East High drama department's best performers), sometimes Troy has trouble keeping his head in the game. He shows up at basketball practice with Gabriella on his mind instead of focusing on the work in front of him.

Even though you can definitely do anything you set your mind to, you have to make sure your mind is focused while you're doing it. I applaud you if you're able to juggle the millions of things that you want to do. However, if your mind is on the case you have to present at Mock Trial Team while you're at Robotics Club, chances are that you won't be doing your best at one of them. It might take a little practice, but try your hardest to stay focused on the issues at hand. You don't want your teammates to serenade you about your lack of focus in an agitated manner.

"You go sister."

4) Bop to the Top: Sharpay and Ryan's motives in the first movie are definitely debatable, but the song they use to thwart Troy and Gabrielle's audition plans actually has a useful moral.

"I believe in dreaming, shooting for the stars. Baby, to be number one you've got to raise the bar. Kicking and a scratching, grinding out my best. Anything it takes to climb the ladder of success."

Sharpay and Ryan know that they want to be at the top of the drama club, right? So they continue to give their all, even if it does mean sabotaging their competition. I'm not advocating that part of the song, but "bop to the top" actually makes sense. Dream big! But don't expect to pick something and magically be bopped to the top. When you first start working, it might take a little while for you to get off of the ground. But if you work hard and keep at it, you'll be able bop to the top in no time.

"So confused about my future...so confused."

5) Bet on It: Shall we jump to the second movie in the franchise? In one of the best choreographed scenes in the franchise, Troy seems a bit confused. He questions his motives, and not only how he's been treating his friends, but himself as well. Sharpay had Troy pretending to be who he wasn't because he wanted to have a good future and wasn't sure how to get it. In the process of changing to meet Sharpay's desires, Troy lost sight of who he was and grew distant from his friends.

There's nothing wrong with being ambitious, but try to remember that you don't have to throw away everything you are to achieve your dreams. You can still go to a baseball game with your friends if you have homework due the next day. You can go to a concert if you have a game the later. Learning to manage your time will prevent you from becoming someone that Chad doesn't even know anymore.

6) We're All in This Together: Last, but most certainly not least, is the song that brought everyone together at the end of the first film.

"Everyone is special in their own way, we make each other strong. We're not the same; we're different in a good way. Together is where we belong."

Maybe you have trouble socializing with others, but that doesn't change the fact that there are some pretty awesome people in the world. We're all different, but that's what makes having friends such an amazing concept. If you're quiet and you have a friend who loves to mingle, maybe they'll help you to create memories that you never would've created by yourself. Do you think Kelsey would've gone to that celebration after the audition if she wasn't friends with Troy and Gabriella?

Having a support system behind you can help you in whatever you do, whether your system is made up of family, friends or mentors. Also keep in mind that you might be a valuable asset in someone else's support system. Be a good person! And most of all, remember that we're all in this together.

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