The Power of a Whisper: How to Cut Through the Noise and be HEARD on Social Media

You are on your way to a much-anticipated convention. At this event, there are countless people who can help move your business to the next level: potential clients, ideal partners, influencers, the media...

And you are ready. You've defined your brand, honed your message, and crafted the perfect elevator pitch.

You approach the convention center. It's a formidable building. You reach for the massive handles of the enormous double doors, pull them open, and confidently march into the venue.

Well, you don't actually march in. There isn't enough room for marching. The space is completely jam-packed with a mass of people. So you squeeze yourself in to join the throng.

Immediately you are assaulted by a deafening noise: Everyone is screaming.

C H E C K . . . T H I S . . . O U T ! !


Oh, right. Obviously, the other attendees want to be noticed by their audience, too. So how can you be heard when everyone around you is screeching at the top of their lungs?

Easy. You simply need to yell louder than everyone else. Jump higher. Be bolder. USE CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

Within a few seconds, you (along with everyone else in the space) don't hear anything. It's all a jumbled cacophony, moved to the back of your consciousness.

And then someone gently taps you on the shoulder and whispers:

Hey, Ann. That blog article you posted yesterday was awesome. Your second tip really inspired me to try something new today.

Now, that you hear. Loud and clear. It's amazing. The gentle whisper distinctly cuts through the screaming chaos. And you turn your attention to the whisperer.

As you've probably figured out, that giant space full of screaming people is Twitter. Or Facebook. Or any other social media platform. Every user wants to be noticed, and most of them are trying to get your attention by screaming louder. But the ones who succeed in capturing your interest are the ones whispering in your ear.


You get more attention with a gentle tap than with a brash shriek. A tap will get someone to turn her head and listen for more. Then all you have to do is whisper to be heard above the noise.

So, how do you do that on social media? I'd like to share some of the techniques we use at my social media agency, Ghost Tweeting, to get our clients noticed.

3 Simple Ways to Tap and Whisper on Social Media

1. Share your love
Yes, you want to broadcast all of your great content. But don't forget to share other people's great content, as well. And don't just click "RT" or "share." A simple RT simply will not do. Add a comment. Give your opinion. Tell your audience - and the originator of the message - why you want to share it.

2. Favorite and Like
When you click "favorite" on a tweet, or "like" on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, or +1 on Google+, you send a little message. The originator of the post will receive a ping that someone liked their post. They may get an email, or see your name in their stream. And many of these people will click over to your profile to read more about you.

3. Follow
Don't you love when you get a new follower? Other people feel the same way. We get curious and think:

Who is this person?
Why did they follow me?
What are they all about?

Many of the people whom you follow will click over to your profile to learn more about you. If your profile is compelling and interesting, you've grabbed their attention. They may click over to your website, or follow you back, or engage with you.

See how easy it is to attract more attention on social media? Stop SCREAMING. Start whispering.

Pssst... if you whisper to me on Twitter, I'll be sure to whisper back.