Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer cum Grief Counselor and My Hereafter

My actual face-to-face experiences with psychics have been limited to two encounters -- the first pro-psychic and the second, not so much so. The positive meet was a reading by a Philadelphia's Top Ten Psychic Valerie Morrison who told me her predictions for my brilliant future in person and also recorded them on a tape cassette that I never heard, because the gadgets that played that specific cassette went kaput shortly after the recording. The not so pro was with the Hadassah psychic, who, at an chapter meeting, consistently assigned the right ailments to the wrong Hadassette.

Be that as it may, I've now reached the age when I'm delighted to connect with anyone who claims to connect with anyone in the hereafter. Why? Because chances are I'll be spending a lot more time there than here, and (sob, sob) sooner rather than later. Does that sound peculiar coming from a cynical non-believing sorta-agnostic like me. Let me elucidate. My doubt stems from a lack of endorsements for world-to-come resorts on My optimism derives from the longing to elude eternal oblivion, a far too mind-numbing fate for a bossy Jewess like me.

The resolution to the above dilemma may well be a session with spirit medium Mark Anthony, author of Never Letting Go, who is modest and matter-of-fact about his gifts, as befits a member of a medium-packed mishpocha.

Mark was aware of the spirit world by the time he was four. "But we only spoke about it at home, especially our feelings about future events. During a visit to Las Vegas in October, 1980, at the brand new MGM Grand Hotel, my mother began sweating and crying, 'My God, there's death everywhere! It's so hot! It's a tomb!' and my Dad got her out of there fast. A month later, a fire at that hotel killed 500 people. Another time, my aunt saved her husband's life by making him stay home on the day when a work accident would have killed him. A fundamentalist Christian with no gratitude for her gift, he had her subjected to months of electroshock therapy. So you can understand why my parents were wary."

Always drawn to the spiritual, Mark minored in religion in college. "I was told I had a predisposition to law, and, to me, law and mediumship are similar. Both require evidence." After studying at Oxford University, Mark earned his Juris Doctorate at Mercer University's Walter F. George Law School. He calls himself the psychic lawyer, but most of his readings involve giving comfort to the bereaved and healing grief.

How does process work?

"I start with a prayer. I feel that raises the vibrational frequency that lets spirits know I'm trying to reach them and attracts them to me. I see the spirits in my mind's eye and I feel them as physical sensations. Sometimes I hear things, significant bits of music." In Never Letting Go, he describes how spirits help him heal grief, shares stories about enduring messages of forgiveness, gratitude and acceptance, including contacts with murderers who apologize for their evil deeds.

As for non-believers, "I did a reading for someone that brought along a skeptical friend for moral support. The friend sat there glaring at me with her arms crossed while wonderful information from my client's mother and sister came through. Then I heard a male voice singing Toot, a Toot Toot to a tune that sounded like the Woody Woodpecker Song. When I imitated what I was hearing, the skeptic cried, "Oh, my God! When I was a little girl my father would tuck me in bed, stick his head in door and sing that song. I thought he was so funny.' And she's now one of my biggest fans."

One last personal confession. I always feel my mother's spirit hovering around, looking after me. Obviously we get along better now that I finally turned into her. What's involved in booking a reading with Mark to try to contact her. First a six month wait for an opening. Secondly, would it be worth $250 to me for an hour telephone reading? Only if I didn't end up on my husband Alvin's AmEx bill.

I don't need a medium to predict that future. I see him in my mind's eye, his forefinger jabbing at the charge on the bill and screaming, "You paid $250 for what?" until one of us finally exits this life.

To learn more about Mark Anthony or see him in action, google him or visit his website