Project 5117

Project 5117 is a project of Operation HOPE and is an approach to combating economic inequality. It is detailed in "How the Poor Can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding the Path to the Middle Class, The Solution for the 100%" by John Hope Bryant:

When you deal with issues of class and poverty today, you get race for free. Focusing on anyone making say $50,000 a year or less, pretty much covers all of the minority groups so many are concerned about. But class doesn't divide us like race always does.

Project 5117 starts this year, 2014, and by 2020 hopes to do 4 things:

1. Financial literary to five million youth though education. According to Bryant this has been achieved in 3,500 schools to date, and the same methodology would be used to reach the 5 million youth goal by 2020.

2. One million of the five million should become entrepreneurs through "HOPE Business in a Box academics". See Princess' story as one example.

3. Provide banking access to families through one thousand bottom up branch banks.

4. Increase credit scores to 700 targeting those folks who earn less than $50,000 annually.

The 5 refers to the 5 million youth, 1 to one million, 1 to one thousand and 7 to a credit score of 700.

For more information log onto John Hope Bryant.

Love, Peace, Compassion, and Blessings.