Why I Made 'PlantPure Nation'

My filmexplores the political and economic factors that suppress information on the benefits of plant-based nutrition, while making the connections of this idea to larger issues such as medical practice, farming, and food deserts.
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Two years ago, I launched production of a film called PlantPure Nation. The former producer and director/writer of the hit documentary Forks Over Knives joined me in this effort to answer the question most people have after learning of the dramatic health benefits of a whole food plant-based diet: Why haven't I heard this before?

Most people can't believe a truth this powerful, one that can heal even serious chronic conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes, could possibly have been suppressed. Yet, this is exactly what has happened ... and not for years, but for decades. Research has long suggested that animal protein is not optimal for human health. Senator George McGovern took notice of this fact and initiated an effort in the late 1970s to recommend to the American public that they move toward a plant-based diet. He was soundly defeated, however, by the powerful special interests that continue to this day to profit from the ill health of Americans.

The film PlantPure Nation explores the political and economic factors that suppress information on the benefits of plant-based nutrition, while making the connections of this idea to larger issues such as medical practice, farming, and food deserts. Since early April, we have been on a national tour, screening an advance cut of our film. As we travel, we are seeing large and passionate crowds, and as this momentum continues to grow, we will bring all that energy with us to Washington, DC. On May 9, we are holding a rally in front of the White House to voice our support for the powerful truth of plant-based nutrition. And the timing for this could not be better.

There is a huge battle being waged now in Washington over the government's nutritional guidelines scheduled for release later this year. On one side are the people who understand the benefits of plant-based nutrition, and on the other side are those determined to maintain the status quo and the economic interests that benefit from this suppression of truth.

Rally speakers will include my father, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, recognized by many as the 'science father' of the plant-based nutrition community. Other speakers will include Tracye McQuirter and Drs. Michael Greger and Neal Barnard, also well-known advocates, and myself. Together, we will do our best to give voice to those who are fighting to inform the American people of the enormous control they have over their health.

We see this event as the first major step in a new national movement. Our goal is to use our film to inspire a national strategy of launching and supporting local groups committed to spreading the message of plant-based nutrition in their communities. This includes developing a financial engine to help power this movement. We believe that millions of people working together can fix a problem that industry and government largely caused. And we believe this may show a new way forward for how we can solve other of our social problems.

For too long in this country, we have tried to engineer solutions to our social problems from places far removed from the people enduring the consequences of those problems. What we need are new strategies that organize and provide resources to people in their local communities so they can participate in making our world a better place.

We would like to draw a crowd in Washington, so please consider joining us on May 9. If you are able to come, we also will give you a code for a free online viewing of our film. We promise this will be a fun, memorable, and maybe even historic experience.

PlantPure Nation was filmed across the USA and features Dr. T. Colin Campbell leading the list of world-renowned experts, doctors and authors who speak on the topic. The Production team includes Director Nelson Campbell, joined by Producer John Corry & Writer/Director Lee Fulkerson from the acclaimed documentary film Forks Over Knives. The film project includes a companion cookbook, PlantPure Nation Cookbook, authored by Kim Campbell.

Final funding is being raised on Kickstarter.com to bring PlantPure Nation to as many communities as possible.

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