Chris Carney Slams Tom Marino In New Ad

Chris Carney Slams Tom Marino In New Ad
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Democratic Congressman Chris Carney slams his Republican opponent Tom Marino in his latest TV spot. In it, Carney goes after Marino's relationship with Dunmore businessman Louis DeNaples.

The Times Leader describes the spot, saying it includes "a sly reference to the fact Marino, while serving as U.S. attorney, allowed his name to be used as a reference by DeNaples on his application for a casino license for DeNaples' Mount Airy Resort."

Watch the spot below:

The Marino campaign responded shortly after -- with a press release. In it, Marino stated:

"While Chris Carney and his liberal cronies continue their negative personal attacks, I will focus on the issues that are important to the people of the 10th District. I will talk about my plans to create private sector jobs, eliminate excessive regulations, reduce government spending, cut taxes, and repeal the Obama/Pelosi/ Carney Healthcare bill".

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