Bill Flores Slammed In New Edwards TV Spot

Bill Flores Slammed In New Edwards TV Spot
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Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Waco, a major proponent of veterans' affairs, has released an ad attacking his Republican opponent Bill Flores' approach to dealing with veterans' health care issues. See the video below:

The Edwards campaign claims it would be a dishonor to American veterans if Flores succeeds in his alleged goal -- to privatize veterans' health care. The ad features veterans sharing their concerns with this plan, including the concern that private hospitals are not equipped to handle the rehabilitation of a veteran.


Voiceover: America has always taken care of our own, but Bill Flores would dishonor our veterans by privatizing veterans' health care

Leonard Monelongo, Jr: I think the VA system will be devastated.

Bill Mahon: It's the veterans that are going to suffer.

Kathryn Henson: Private hospitals are not geared to deal with the rehabilitation of a combat veteran.

Bill Mahon: Mr. Flores' thought process is flawed.

Rodger Sturdevant: I just don't think Bill Flores is in touch with the people.

Chet Edwards: I'm Chet Edwards, and I approve this message, because there is so much at stake.

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