How Blogging Changed My Life: Special Thanks to My Five Mentors

Everything looked dark and dull. I felt like being trapped in my own mind. I was not getting the perfect route to pull out myself from the darkest phase of life.
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Everything looked dark and dull. I felt like being trapped in my own mind. I was not getting the perfect route to pull out myself from the darkest phase of life.

I was trying really hard to bring my life back on track. But, all my efforts were in vain.

I didn't know what to do. There came a point in my life when I started doubting myself.

Then I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I landed in the magical world of blogging.

I was breathing again. A fresh air of thoughts gave me the power to spread my wings with full confidence. Blogging gave me the platform to showcase my skills with the whole world.

Today, I am a happy owner of two blogs with a strong purpose and a broad vision.

I want to thank five people from the bottom of my heart by changing my personal and professional life.

As blogging has changed my life completely, I also asked them one question:

How Blogging Changed Your life?

Here are the names of my mentors in the order they entered in my blogging life:

1. Lori Deschene

She is my first inspiration. Her blog is loaded with lots of motivational articles. People from different background share their personal experiences with the whole world.

They don't want other people to go through the same pain. After reading the stories, I felt more relaxed and energized.

This gave me the push to start my personal development blog. I started writing a rough draft in my personal diary.

At that moment, I didn't care about the proper formatting of the articles. I just wrote with the motto of sharing self-help ideas with everyone.

Lori's view on blogging

My first blog was on MySpace, and private. My second was a public blog where I shared my struggles and insights. And now I run a community blog where I more frequently feature other people's stories and lessons than my own.

Through this process, I've learned to be open and vulnerable, I've grown and healed through the cathartic experience of recycling my pain for something useful, and I've shifted my focus to others, enabling them to do the same. Blogging hasn't just changed my life; it's changed me for the better. And I believe that's enabled me to live better and do better for others.

2. Harsh Agrawal

Though I was busy in framing the articles, I didn't know anything about the blogging world. Nights were sleeping bouts of searching the right kinds of sources, and days were endless hours of understanding the basics of blogging.

Luckily, I got the chance to land on Harsh's blog. I built my first blog by reading his ultimate WordPress guide. This was the beginning of my blogging love story. I also gained valuable information from the bloggers by reading their views in the comments section.

Harsh's Take on Blogging:

Blogging has helped me to discover myself. Apart from a fulfilling life, it made me discover the true meaning of life & that is learn & explore something new every day. Without blogging, I would have been working in a typical 9-6 job & leaving somebody else's life.

I believe taking blogging as a profession was one of the best decision of my life. It wasn't an easy decision, but I'm glad I decided to go for it. Let me tell you one important thing; blogging is not a work or job; it's a lifestyle!

3. Harleena Singh

She gave me the lesson of relationship blogging. She has a big hand behind the success of my first blog. Her community is filled with awesome people.

In starting, I thought of promoting my blog through guest blogging. But, I got rejections from different bloggers.

My first guest post was published on her site. She and her husband were really supportive. They overlooked my mistakes and taught me the skills of web writing.

After my first guest post, I didn't get any rejections. All the credits go to them.

Harleena's take on blogging:

If I were to describe how blogging changed my life in a few words, I'd say it made my life more precious, my time valuable, and my thoughts noble. I'm not exaggerating when I say that blogging has brought out the best in me and I feel more nearer to being complete.

Being a life blogger, my blogging journey has been very fulfilling. Now, I can be my own boss and earn a handsome income being at home. I've learned more skills than I did before I started blogging. I'm now better at time management and in the craft of writing.

4. Neil Patel

In the digital marketing world, people say 'Content is the king'. I say 'Neil Patel is the king of the content marketing world'. He has become an institution in himself.

I owe him a lot. He is the reason behind the launch of my second blog.

After reading his articles, I took the decision of converting my passion of writing into profession. I am a fan of his in-depth articles and motivational posters. I also wish to meet him in person and thank him for all his support.

Neil's take on blogging:

It's helped me become wiser. Everyone thinks that by blogging you are educating others. I've found the opposite to be true as well. When you blog you'll receive feedback in the form of emails and comments. This will help you grow as an individual and provide educational lessons that you may not have received otherwise.

5. Jitendra Vaswani

Despite all the praise and attention, he is very grounded. If Neil Patel is the reason behind the launch of my new blog, he kept alive the fire of writing within me. He provided the solid base for my content marketing career.

I learned a lot from his blogging and branding skills. He is always ready to help the budding entrepreneurs. I am glad I met a person like him. He taught me the importance of networking.

Jitendra's take on blogging:

Blogging quite simply changed my life. I didn't like my 9 to 5 job. Blogging has given me so much freedom in my life that I couldn't think while having a job. I am traveling places which I imagined in dreams only but blogging help to travel those places & fulfill my all these eternal desires.

My blog has been a powerful way for me to stay connected to the countless people I meet every day. Blogging has helped me push myself creatively, especially with my photography and video editing skills. I live blogging, I breathe blogging & blogging is now my full-time girlfriend.

In this sweet span of blogging, I have realized one important thing:

Sharing is an awesome feeling. In this process, the giver always receives more than the receiver.

The best thing about blogging:

Learning never stops.

Thanks to all my blogging friends who have shaped my personal and professional life in a positive manner.

My question for you:

Who helped you in framing your blogging career?

I'd love to hear the names of your mentors.

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