Having a Little Too Much

You wake up early morning. You get ready for work, you meet your co-worker, you have a nice chat with your friend, you have lunch. You come back home from work, you see your wife and kids, your child shows you his project from school, but you're too exhausted to listen to his talks which he was waiting to share with you, you sit together and have dinner. You go back to sleep, just to experience another ordinary day. Nothing so special about it. People ask you how your day went by. You just tell them it was okay, nothing special.

Now, you wake up the next day, suddenly, you feel like you can't hear anything. You didn't hear the alarm ring. Something very unusual. You head out and see a flat tire, so you end up taking the subway. When you get to work, you don't see your best friend, who is also your co-worker. Someone tells you he is no more. Of course, you can't hear him but you just see everything around you. Nothing makes sense. You're broke. You don't have food to eat. That homeless guy, sitting at the corner of the street, the one you ignored just yesterday, you find yourself in the same position right now. Everything seems to have fallen apart. On your way back, there is a huge blast! You see a rocket that just struck your house. Your whole life is wrecked in just one day by this unanticipated catastrophe! Now, when it's too late, you remember all the things you took for granted. Your hearing, your car, your friend, your money, the meal you ate, your family. Everything. You are left alone to shed tears for the departed souls.

This, my friend, is the situation of some of the millions of people who have been displaced from Palestine and Syria. We can't even envisage the dire condition of the holocaust. Risking their lives, traveling by sea on a rubber boat, the thought alone is petrifying. Can you leave the luxuries of our life in a day, fearing for life every second that you breathe, not knowing if the next breath might be your last. The situation is getting worse and the death toll is increasing day by day.

It is incumbent upon as, as a nation, to raise our voice for people who have been forced to leave their homes. It is not even about the nation only, its about humanity. I can't even picture my own family going through all that. They've seen people die in front of their very own eyes, they are immune to the sound of shooting, they don't flinch when they hear a bomb blast. This is not normal at all.

Be grateful for every little things that you have in life. There are so many people out there, who cannot enjoy the simple luxuries one has in life. Praise your Lord for every good that you experience. Praise him even more for every hardship that befalls you because He is giving you a chance to turn to Him. Be grateful mankind. Your condition could have been worse. When you are grateful for every little thing that you have in life, then you have all that you ever want.