To the Heroes Spending the Holidays in War-zones

To the Heroes Spending the Holidays in War-zones
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As a former Navy SEAL and a military veteran with 13 years of active duty service I can tell you first hand, how much it means to be in a foreign, hostile environment, and show up to mail-call and receive a nice note or care package from a friend, family member, or in some cases someone you have never met. That is why I want to take a moment to highlight Wicked Good Cupcakes as they bring the Taste of Home to our service men and women. For the record, I do not work for Wicked Good Cupcakes, nor have they asked me to promote their business.

For the last couple of years Tracey, Scott, and Dani from Wicked Good Cupcakes have taken the time and care from their extremely busy holiday schedules to organize an event that oversees letter writing and thank you notes to our troops. Taking their product (which happens to be one of the most delicious treats on earth) and sending large quantities of Wicked Good Cupcakes overseas to our troops. These troops are ensuring our freedom here in the United States.

Nobody enjoys being away from their family during the holidays, but I can assure you it is a completely different feeling being in a war-zone, and wondering if you have spent your last Christmas with your family, friends, and loved ones. Therefore, when I see businesses that are not all about the talk, PR, and "We Support the Troops" rhetoric, who actually organize and take action it fires me up and gets me a little emotional. I have attached a picture of myself in my trailer in Fallujah, Iraq in 2010. I clearly made out like a bandit on this night. You can see by the big smile on my face that I was excited, not only to open the care packages and share what was inside; but also to see that my friends, family, and loved ones took the time and resources out of their busy schedules to make sure that my buddies and I felt loved and appreciated.

So this Holiday season, I encourage you to take a moment and think about those men and women overseas that won't be with their families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but who are making damn sure you will be present and enjoy yours!

Don't forget to keep your eyes open and support companies like Wicked Good Cupcakes who are talking less and doing more!


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