Not to be Defined by a Genre or a Style

Not to be Defined by a Genre or a Style
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No. 3 Alison McCauley

Photography is primarily a means of expression and communication for me. I've always felt happiest expressing myself visually - first by drawing and painting and then through photography.

© Alison McCauley

Photography takes me to places and people that I might not experience without a camera. It gives me a reason to connect with the people and locations that interest me.

My approach to my photography has become looser and more personal over the years. I prefer not to be defined by a genre or a style and I need to feel free to shoot what and how I want. I like to mix things up and to follow my intuition and respond instinctively to what surrounds me.

© Alison McCauley

My aim, with each photograph or series of photographs, is to combine these ideas ... this desire to communicate and express with a need to make work that is meaningful and true to me.

Alison McCauley is a photographer who has recently relocated to Singapore, where she will be based for the next few years.

The main themes that run through her work look at issues concerning identity and belonging, migration and living conditions. These interests were doubtlessly born from Alison's experiences of constantly moving from country to country and the resulting ambivalence towards the idea of her own national identity and her feeling of not belonging to any particular country or community.

Alison has a fine arts background and holds degrees from the University of Southampton, the Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design in Geneva and the Open College of the Arts. She is a member of the documentary agency Dalam. Alison's website

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