9/11: Have We Overlooked the Most Effective Way to Prevent Terrorism and War?

What if there were a viable, scientific means to significantly reduce the possibility of terrorist attacks, but because the approach is new and different, the most technologically advanced countries have not taken notice?
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We were vulnerable and unprepared for September 11, 2001. Ten years later, we take off our shoes at airports and undergo full body scans. These measures might make some of us feel a little safer, and no doubt the demise of bin Laden was a huge relief, but authorities still caution of serious threats to national security.

What if there were a viable, scientific means to significantly reduce the possibility of terrorist attacks, but because the approach is new and different, the most technologically advanced countries have not taken notice?

Quantum physicist John Hagelin is a Harvard-trained scientist whose contributions to quantum field theory and cosmology comprise some of the most cited references in the physical sciences. He is one of the first scientists to apply the advanced knowledge of modern physics to social problems, such as terrorism.

"A universal principle in nature is that internally coherent systems possess the ability to repel disruptive external influences," says Dr. Hagelin. "While incoherent systems are easily penetrated by disorder from outside."

Dr. Hagelin cites physics' Meissner effect as an example of invincibility in nature: a superconducting metal, due to its internal coherence, repels any disruptive field.

Homeland Security tried -- and failed -- to create a defensive shield around the nation. Billions of dollars were spent constructing a "virtual fence" of sensors, cameras and radar around U.S. borders and to install high-tech radiation detectors at the nation's ports. These projects failed and were scrapped.

If we look to principles of quantum physics, explains Dr. Hagelin, an effective "virtual fence" against terrorism can indeed be created, if based on deeper scientific knowledge of the natural world.

Discovering The Unified Field

Dr. Hagelin: "Modern science has probed deeper levels of nature's functioning, from the macroscopic world of classical physics to the world of the atom, then to the underlying nucleus and the subnuclear. This exploration has culminated in the discovery of a single, unified field at the basis of all forms and phenomena in the universe."

While unified field theory is undergoing important refinements, the consensus among leading theorists is that the unified field exists -- nature is unified at its source.

Unified Field Theory not only revises our foundational understanding of nature, it spawns new technological possibilities.

"Because this unified field is vastly more powerful than any other level of nature's dynamics, a technology of defense based on the unified field will completely change the science and technology of defense."

Our ability to create a unified field-based "defense shield" does not depend on government or Lockheed Martin. We the people can do it ourselves -- though governments and organizations are welcome to participate.

Any human being can access the unified field, if one knows how.

Because this non-material field is the most fundamental level of everything, it is also the basis of human consciousness. We can each find the unified field deep within our own minds.

Using a mental technique that takes one's attention from the surface, active levels of thinking to the deepest, most transcendental field of consciousness, we can experience the unified field.

"Our minds profoundly mirror the hierarchical structure of nature," says Dr. Hagelin. "We can dive within to deeper levels of mind, accessing more powerful levels of thought and ultimately the unified field itself, the most powerful, limitless, universal level of our own consciousness."

The Transcendental Meditation technique is designed for this very purpose.

Creating The Field Effect For National Defense

Numerous scientific research studies on the TM technique show that during transcendence, the brain becomes highly coherent, leading to improved mental performance, reduced stress and more harmonious behavior outside of meditation -- along with a host of other benefits for mind and body.

"The orderliness of brain functioning in the individual spills over into society," says Dr. Hagelin. "Since the unified field is an all-pervading field at the basis of consciousness and matter, when unity is enlivened in the individual, unity is enlivened everywhere. This is a field effect."

When a sufficient number of people are experiencing the unified field, especially together in large groups, the influence on society is significant: research studies on group practice of the TM technique and its advanced programs show a direct influence of decreased terrorism and war deaths when "peace-creating" groups are deployed in war torn regions. During the Lebanese war in 1983, on days when the numbers meditating together were largest, war deaths decreased by 76%. Increased group attendance also correlated strongly with reduced crime, traffic accidents, and fires, and with improved economic indicators in that region.

That's one example -- this effect of creating social coherence has been successfully demonstrated over 50 times, documented by peer-reviewed research studies, scrutinized by independent scientists, and accepted for publication in mainstream academic journals.

This proven, ridiculously cost-effective way to avert terrorism can create a genuine protective shield around the nation -- while saving untold billions of dollars.

"If The People Lead, Our Leaders Will Follow."

In Fairfield, Iowa, a group of about 2000 meditators, called the "Invincible America Assembly," meets morning and evening in two semi-geodesic golden domes built for this purpose. Sociologists are monitoring the group's numbers and tracking social indicators such as national crime rate (which has been declining conspicuously since the group's inception).

Human beings, individually and collectively, can be coherent or incoherent. When our brains are stressed and functioning incoherently, our thinking is not as clear and our higher, executive functions can shut down. When society becomes more coherent, we are all better protected from disruptive influences.

We don't have to wait for the government to better secure our borders. According to the research, even a few thousand people practicing this "unified field-based" technology together are enough to create coherence for the whole country.

The UNESCO charter declares that wars begin in the human mind. That is also the place where war and terrorism can end.

VIDEO: John Hagelin: A New Approach To Averting Terrorism And War

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