What You Ought To Know Before Moving To Canada

It's really no news now that Canada is one of the most preferred countries to move to. At first it was the dream of mostly Africans but as it is, Americans are beginning to pen that down in their lists. It won't surprise the world though, seeing as they may elect Donald Trump into the presidency, come November. It was discovered that the Canadian government's immigration website crashed the day after Donald Trump swept the Super Tuesday Primaries. Google showed that thousands of Americans searched out details on 'moving to Canada'.

It's safe to believe the reason Canada remains a juicy option for migrants is that it looks a lot like America but is more polite, more cosmopolitan and less religious. It also has its health care run by the government which is a pleasant song to many ears. However, it's not all rosy and pretty in the sails.

Owning a home in Canada could be a slightly tall order. Many cities in the U.S. are notorious for their high costs of living, but many Canadians feel the same way about their cities. Nearly half the people living in urban areas say the cost of buying a home in their neighborhood is either "high" or "unreasonably high". In addition, employment rates aren't as attractive as they used to be. Canadian employment fell slightly by 2100 for April following a substantial 40,600 gain for March, as reported by Tim Clayton for EconomicCalendar.com. The unemployment rate held steady at 7.1% last April, in line with expectations but fell to 7.2% even as the market expected a small decrease in that figure.

The oil industry downturn hasn't helped matters as the impact is significantly felt on the Canadian dollar and in the employment decline. The Fort McMurray wildfire hasn't made matters any easier. The low prices of commodities have hurt jobs in Canada, where many areas are reliant on natural resources. For instance, employment rates declined in Alberta while Ontario witnessed a slight increase in unemployment. No doubt, Canada seems to have a lot of work in generating sufficient gains in employment so as to offset further stresses in the energy sector.

Despite the report, Canadian Prime Minister remains unfazed as he welcomes thousands of refugees from Syria. As a skilled worker, you'd also be welcomed through the Express Entry window. It could be a lucrative means to reduce the country's dependence on oil and better improve the nation's economy.

Truthfully, there are many pros on moving to Canada including the natural aesthetics and health care. Many believe these issues will blow over soon and those who made the decision to move to Canada will be laughing last and hard. I guess we would know in due time.