Huffington Post Arts Celebrating Bloggers and Design Thursdays

It was only nine months ago that the Arts page launched on the Huffington Post, and just five months that Huffington Post Arts' Design Thursdays went into full flight. We had yet to officially celebrate in New York and with so many designers gathered in New York City for the Amory Show, we decided to use the opportunity to celebrate achievements in one evening.

It was a three prong evening at the New Museum on Bowery in New York City. At 6:00pm, Kimberly Brooks, artist and founding arts editor along with Yvonne Force Real of the Art Production Fund and artists Richard Phillips and Josephine Meckseper, hosted 60-80 special guests, NY-based bloggers and editors at the New Museum's Sky Room overlooking downtown New York City.

Afterwards, HuffPost Arts joined IDNY to celebrate Design Thursdays with Guest Curator Jacob Slevin. At 8:00pm, in the New Museum theater Dror Benshetrit unveiled QuaDror in front of guests of the monthly IDNY series, marking the official launch of QuaDror in the United States. QuaDror did quite well as it was recently featured on February 28, 2011. Kimberly Brooks and Linda Tischler of Fast Company (also a design blogger for the Huffington Post) lead a Q & A session together with help from the audience of about 150 industry professionals.

Beginning at 9:00p, as the sun officially set into the West, nearly 500 guests put on their dancing shoes for an after party in the New Museum Lobby that lasted past midnight.

New York Celebrates HuffPost Arts and Design Thursdays at New Museum Event

A special thank you to those supporters whom helped make this celebration possible: Sedia Systems, Planar Systems, Ruinart, Abita, and many more.

It's been a very special four months stretch for Design Thursdays, and we'd like to thank all our readers for such a warm reception.