The Postal Service Coachella 2013: 'Imaginary Band' Plays At Festival, Thrills Audience (VIDEOS)

Ten years after its only album came out, The Postal Service performed at Coachella Saturday night, thrilling nostalgic fans.

Singer Ben Gibbard introduced the unit he co-founded with Jimmy Tamborello as "an imaginary band called the Postal Service," the Los Angeles Times reports.

The band is called The Postal Service because that's what the duo relied on to make the 2003 album, Give Up, which developed a cult following. Tamborello wrote, performed and sent instrumental tracks to Gibbard, who edited the tracks, added vocals and sent them back to Tamborello.

Jenny Lewis, lead singer of band Rilo Kiley, lived in the same apartment complex as Tamborello at the time, added vocals to several tracks and eventually became a third member of the band.

On April 9, the band released a reissue of Give Up with 15 bonus tracks, including two new tracks. The trio performed one new song, "A Tattered Line Of String," at Coachella [see video above].

The performance kicked off the reunited band's new tour, which will last until August and include performances across the U.S. and in parts of Europe.

CORRECTION: This story previously stated that The Postal Service's Coachella set was its first show. The band actually toured after its 2003 album came out and played a few shows leading up to Coachella as well.



Postal Service at Coachella 2013