Postal Service Documentary, 'Some Idealistic Future,' Debuts Online (VIDEO)

It's Friday, friends, which means we are here to give you gifts that will be there for you as soon as your attention fades from the hard work you're currently doing. Case in point: "Some Idealistic Future," a new documentary on the Postal Service, whose only album, "Give Up," turns ten this year (that's the tin anniversary, for those who are counting). The quaint mini-movie has debuted from The Creators Project.

In it, frontman Ben Gibbard, Jimmy Tamborello and Jenny Lewis conquer the Barclays Center as part of their reunion tour. That epic jaunt across America is easily one of the year's finest tours -- anyone who has seen Gibbard live (most likely as Death Cab for Cutie or a soloist) -- knows that his music translates perfectly to the stage. The addition of Lewis gave Gibbard an added spark as well, as the two can often be seen doing a charming dance. Tamborello mostly hides behind a laptop, but it's nice that he's there too.

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