Poster Boy & Aakash Nihalani Remix the MoMA Collection

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Yesterday morning, on the way to the office, we noticed something was pleasantly different about the Museum of Modern Art's temporary display inside the Atlantic Avenue subway station. It seems (from the looks of the artwork) that Poster Boy and Aakash Nihalani had worked their magic overnight, and transformed several of the MoMA's art reproductions into new pieces. Classic works of art were remixed with samples from advertising and cut-outs of other pieces. Aakash Nihalani also spruced up the MoMA's advertisements and added some nice colored tape boxes in strategic spots around the station.

Unfortunately, as of last night most of the remixed art had been taken down. It's a shame, because they were very well executed - and added a twist to the well known art used in the exhibit. If only the MTA could see the value in this unusual street art collaboration they might actually encourage more public participation. (And I think many people were waiting for this kind of thing to happen anyway.) For more pictures, please visit

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