6 'Postinternet' Artists You Should Know

6 'Postinternet' Artists You Should Know

Are you familiar with the term "postinternet art"? If not, allow us to introduce the terminology to your art vocabulary. First used by artist Marisa Olson, the phrase refers to art made in the age of the internet that simultaneously celebrates and criticizes its online fruits. Designs, memes, trends and the politics of the web collide in this novel categorization of 21st century artists.

A new exhibition entitled "Raster Raster," curated by Olson, combines many of the key players in the postinternet art movement, from webcam-happy Petra Cortright to satirical YouTube sensation Jayson Musson. The exhibition title riffs off the graphic design term "rasterize," which means to scan and output an image, while toying with the sounds of "faster, faster!" speaking to the frantic pace of technology and art making.

The multifarious exhibition includes paintings, sculpture and textiles, along with some more unorthodox media like Second Life self portraits, 3D printed sculpture and digital paintings on silk. "This is work that one might call 'art after the internet’" explains Aran Cravey Gallery in a statement. "That is, work that simultaneously enjoys and critiques the internet, responding to and incorporating its tropes, memes, cultural politics, and visual language into forms that may or may not live online. 'Raster Raster' plays to the synesthesia of visual culture that the internet makes use of; a modern pictorial language that interchanges words with ‘real’ and fictional imagery."

See a preview of the works below and take note, here are six postinternet artists you should know.

1. Bunny Rogers

bunny rogers
Untitled (from the series 9 years), 2011, 6 frame lenticular print in light box, 22x14.5

2. Christine Sun Kim

All. Day. Marker, pastel, and charcoal on paper, 38.5 x 50, 2012

3. Conor Backman

Metasymbol, Metallica symbol, cymbal symbol, 2012, Oil on canvas with cut, 22X22

4. Marc Horowitz

The One That Could Have Been, 2014, digital c-print, 30x45, Edition of 3

5. Mehreen Murtaza

Triptych, 2009, Epson inkjet print on archival paper, 42 x 84 inches

6. Petra Cortright

“psxvideo” username password SARA homepage, 2013, Digital painting on silk
72 1/2 x 51 inches (184.2 x 129.5 cm)

"Raster Raster" runs until April 12, 2014 at Aran Cravey Gallery in Los Angeles.

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