Post-September Thoughts (On What Could Really Make A Change)

This is a type of monthly 'calendar' post, with thoughts about some incidents--some widely-known, some less so--that took place in our world during the month that passed and which could be factors in how the world continues to evolve.



Satire has always two faces and its objective certainly isn't to garner everyone's approval. If a satirical work finds acceptance from everyone, or even from certain social group, then it's suspicious. I am sure that the vast majority of those who declared Je suis Charlie after the terrorist attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in January 2015 were shocked by the magazine's cover featuring the victims of the earthquake in central Italy at the end of August.

The shock from the deaths of approximately 300 fellow human beings was the emotional factor that frustrated readers seeing that cover that presented the earthquake victims as popular pasta dishes.

Maybe this kind of provocation can help us more easily understand how the conditions that help religious fundamentalists manipulate masses are shaped so that they engage in terrorist attacks like the one against Charlie Hebdo that left 12 people dead.

That's the role of satire in human history: to provoke. We have to be the ones with the critical thinking to embrace or reject it. One way or the other, people at Charlie Hebdo know their job really well and they responded to the negative criticism of this cover with a new cover that pointed straight to the heart of the problem. It depicts a woman beneath ruins stating, «Italians, I don't build your houses. The mafia does». And that is what we have to keep in mind when more old buildings in Italian villages collapse in the future under similar conditions, leaving fatal victims.



Hillary Clinton's health surfaced as an issue during the U.S. presidential race-- specifically during the 9/11 memorial event in NYC--and brought the entire campaign to a Darwinian level. Especially in the USA, where a significant part of the population acts subliminally, this is an incident that cannot be considered minor. The factor of nation's emotions should be taken into account as an important factor since the U.S. historically has based its global dominance on power and the nation's archetypes are strong, brave heroes who tamed this wild region.

Additionally, Clinton has--for quite some time now--lost Americans' trust in what she's stating. The choices Americans citizens have on November 8 are dissapointing. They will have to choose between a moron and an untrustworthy person whom many people characterize as the face of evil.



In an era when people's hopes for simply surviving are invested in their leaders, Diego seems like a real hero. To be more specific not just a hero, but a patriarch and savior of his species.

Diego is a huge tortoise of the Chelonoidis Hoodensis species and lives on Española in the Galapagos islands. When scientists found him in the late of 1960s, there were only 12 other turtles of his species left. And he was the one of the two surviving males.

Diego, now over a century old, proved to be a sex machine, if not a sex god. Nowadays his species numbers 2,000 members and 40 per cent of these turtles are connected directly to him.

If anything else, Diego is the living example that on this planet, sex can save!